Angis Super Service Award 2021

I have been trying to start my kitchen and bath remodel project for years. First and foremost I needed to select the right design/build firm, one that I could trust. I simply could not imagine going through all the chaos and expense without having referrals from actual clients of the company I would choose. Angie’s List saved the day.

After reading many of the reviews on Angie’s List, Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen in Poway was my first choice. I especially loved the fact that Remodel Works has received the Angie’s List Super Service Award for the past 10 years – in a row!

My inner peace has and always will be one of my top priorities in life.  Accordingly, I try my best to make good decisions to preserve it – Remodel Works was one of those good decisions.

My first contact was with John De Luca; one of the senior kitchen designers at Remodel Works. I was immediately impressed with his warmth and friendly attitude. His keen eye for design, coupled with impressive credentials made me feel confident from the get-go. I now enjoy a kitchen that one can only dream about.  It is a perfect combination of form and function, a work of art, absolutely beautiful.

Mary Jennings, my bathroom designer, helped make my vision become a reality. She assisted me in choosing the right materials that made the finished product everything I was hoping for. My shower is the most beautiful one I have ever seen. Mary was kind, sweet and personable.

My project manager, Lance, was constantly in my home making certain that all was done to Remodel Works high standards, in other words – to perfection.  I felt comfortable with Lance in my home, he was a delight. In the end, Lance, Mary and John felt like family.

I also truly appreciate the installers, Dennis and Bret, who were in my home the most and did the majority of the work. They tore out the old and laid the foundation for the new.  I especially liked the attention Bret made to the details and Dennis seemed to have knowledge and expertise in so many areas – he could do anything. What a team!

From the designers to the project manager and everyone else who worked in my home, all were amazing.  They were friendly, polite, genuine and respectful with a positive attitude, sense of humor and always professional.

Overall, I am ecstatic about my new kitchen and master bathroom – they are magnificent and bring me joy.  When I look at them, I still can’t believe it’s my house.

Thank you Remodel Works and Angie’s List




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