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Kitchen Island Trends For The Best Flow

There is no doubt that there is an ongoing evolution of kitchen islands within this industry. They have become so much more than the simple name that they suggest. In the past, they were exclusively used as extra space for food preparation. However, over the years they have become more versatile, being used for numerous purposes. Choosing the right island style for your kitchen remodel is crucial to the overall flow of your kitchen. To best understand your options it is important to consider recent trends. Majority of kitchen activity revolves around kitchen islands so it is in your best interest to make it as trendy and functional as possible!

Many kitchen islands these days are being formed into unique shapes and sizes. Not all kitchens are square in shape so why make all islands square? People are designing their islands to specifically fit their kitchen and we are wondering why this wasn’t a trend sooner! Clients love customization and this is the perfect way to do so. Changing up the shape and size of your island makes it a visually appealing focal point. With that being said, there is also the opposite side of the spectrum. There are also portable islands, for those who don’t want something permanent and customized but instead something convenient to use only when necessary. Both of these have become increasingly popular as they are tailored to a specific kitchens needs.

Kitchen IslandMany remodelers have recently been focusing on the functionality of their kitchen island. It is not uncommon for appliances to be incorporated into the island. You can often find sinks, stoves, microwaves, dishwashers or even pop-up outlets embedded into an island. This makes the kitchen appear to be more spread out and appliances evenly dispersed throughout the space. Putting your favorite appliances into your island centralizes what you use most and limits running back and forth. Installing pop-up outlets add to the convenience factor, that way all of your electronics are not piled up in one corner of the kitchen.

In addition to appliances, storage is a huge part of island functionality. You can never have too much space. Adding in sliding drawers or sectional cabinets can make a huge difference when it comes to organization of your kitchen cookware. Utilizing this space can mean the difference between a cluttered kitchen and a spacious tidy kitchen.Kitchen Island

One last thing to look into is whether or not you want it to be a place of social activity. Do you want a breakfast bar where family can come sit and watch you cook or do you want it to be your cooking sanctuary and have your family sit at a separate table? If you do want to bring in the social aspect, make sure you leave enough space to have the counter top as an overhang to slide stools under.

As you can see, designing your ideal kitchen island can be quite the process. But ask yourself these simple questions. What size/shape? What functions? And do you want it to be a social hub? By answering these questions you can narrow down your options and make the perfect island for you and your home.

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