At Remodel Works, your vision for your new bath or kitchen is professionally designed by our design consultants to create your ideal space, which is why we align our company with the best vendors in America. Your kitchen and bathroom are the spaces in your house where you are guaranteed to be daily, thus we believe that mediocrity in these rooms is unacceptable. Our premier StarMark cabinetry and Kohler products guarantee longevity and class. From floor tile, to naturally hewn countertops, to elegant ceramic backsplashes, every detail in your remodeling project will be scrutinized to make sure the best materials are in use. No Grey Area.

Remodel Works doesn’t just look for the top rated products and ship them in from anywhere possible. Our company has spent it’s thirty year history developing permanent relationships with our vendors in the US and primarily California. The numerous relationships we have established give use options on prices, materials, and availability. This is why we can pull off dreams you’ve envisioned for your kitchen or bath; we know we have the resources. We are a local company that services San Diego, and we’re proud of what we’ve got going. The commitment we have to our vendors is the same we offer to our clients, and to the environment from which many of our natural building materials come.

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