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Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen applies its over 30 years of experience to every detail in your custom closet design and garage makeover projects in order to deliver a well-organized finished space. We apply the exquisite attention to detail used for our premier kitchens and bathrooms to every closet and storage space that we design. With our projects, there are never any surprises, never any grey area. By keeping our clients involved and engaged during the installation process, we maintain a personal and reassuring relationship with every customer.

Thinking of adding a custom closet or converting your garage?

Efficient use of space is the key to a successful garage and custom closet project. For both, our design and installation teams begin by analyzing how to maximize storage space while maintaining the aesthetic appeal.

Whether you’re looking for a full garage conversion or just adding custom garage cabinets, our design team can help. For garages, Remodel Works specializes in garage storage and shelving unit installation with custom garage cabinets. Although it is rare, we are able to install tiled flooring in your garage space, just like we would in our top-tier kitchens. If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out the three most common garage conversion ideas.

We take a much more artistic approach, with the same amount of precision, to custom closets than to garage shelving or flooring. After the client and design consultant has laid out the design, our installation team moves in to begin as soon as possible. Remodeling your home’s storage space can be a stressful time, and we aim to finish the project as neatly and effectively as possible.

If a client simply needs additions to an already existing cabinet storage space, we are happy to base our work off of what is already installed. However, starting from scratch is the usual route we take, and our team is always excited to tear down old arrangements and rebuild new projects from the ground up.

Our Process

We provide clients with an exact schedule of every step, with details so precise that they include the names of each installer that will be working during specific hours. Our attention to detail allows our clients to stay informed and involved in the installation process. Following a precise and exact schedule helps us reach more clients but also enables us to provide every customer with a personalized and unique experience.

Every job we complete is a two-way street. Our customers provide the insight, and we provide the execution of their dream garage or closet. Thanks to decades of success we have established ourselves as the best remodeling company in San Diego County and we are looking forward to future growth and success.

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