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Three Ideas For Converting Your Garage

If you are like most San Diego homeowners, your garage is probably a mess and you’re ready for a garage remodel project. We understand. Years of piling up scarcely used items and completely useless junk have resulted in a clutter you’d have no idea where to begin cleaning even if you wanted to. But look at it this way: the garage is a whole new room you could use if you decided to throw out all the stuff you don’t need. Converting a garage is also a great option. You could repurpose it into a space you would actually use and relish. Our experienced designers at Remodel Works have a few garage finishing ideas on how you could transform your garage and enjoy every second you spend there.
Garage Gym
Let’s face it: you could probably use some exercise. We all could. Exercise is a must in this day and age dominated by junk food and technology addiction. Working out is good both for your mind and your body. But as useful as it is, the gym has a lot of downsides: memberships can be really expensive, the music can be lousy and you might prefer working out not surrounded by strangers. And that’s fine. So have you ever considered turning your useless garage into a fully functional gym? Once you’ve taken care of the mess, you can tailor your gym to your fitness needs, as you will have enough space for the gym equipment your exercise routine demands. You can even add a surround system and a TV, maximizing the efficiency of your garage gym and letting you choose whatever playlist fits your work-out routine best.
Garage Fun Room or Man Cave
Have you ever wanted a room where you can just relax and have fun? A room with arcades, gaming consoles, a pool table or similar fun equipment. Garage make overs are great because they give you the extra space you’ve always wanted to use for your very own man cave, but couldn’t sacrifice any of the rooms in your house, narrow as it is.
There are a ton of garage remodeling ideas for a man cave. Turn your garage into a man cave and become the talk of the neighborhood. Your options are endless here, you only have to use your imagination. Maybe you want a home theater where you and your friends can relax and see a good movie once in a while. Maybe you could add a karaoke machine and laugh at your friends’ renditions of popular songs and catch them laugh back at you. Maybe you don’t want to share it with anyone, and make it your very own fortress of solitude where you can read a favorite book or listen to your record collection. As far-fetched as it might sound, your dream-room is only a makeover away.
Garage Office
If you are working from home or self-employed, it can get very hard to separate work from everyday life. You may lack focus as your attention will probably be directed to the dog playing around and barking at the door or the kids running and screaming. You need your peace and quiet if you are to be productive. If your garage is full of useless garbage, maybe you should consider remodeling it into a home office. Add a work desk, a few paintings, a couch, a coffee machine and anything you need to make you feel focused and pleasant in your work environment. That way you’d be more productive at work and when you are finished at the end of the day you can leave all of it in the office and be a better parent and spouse.
Need help with your garage makeover?
Remodel Works is leading home remodeling company in San Diego. If you need help with your garage interior design, contact us for a free quote. Whether you are looking to complete a garage conversion, insulated or remodeled entirely, we guarantee you’ll find the best service at reasonable prices.




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