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San Diego ADA Bathroom Remodel

If you need help making your home ADA compliant, Remodel Works has you covered. We are experts at universal design and can help make your San Diego home accessible for all. Our ADA home remodeling team can assist with everything from your entryway, kitchen, bathrooms, and more to make these spaces easier to use while not losing the feel of home.

What is Universal Design?

Universal design is a broad construction concept that refers to the design of products and environments to make them usable by all people. For our purposes, this pertains to universal design in your home. We will make updates to your home to accommodate your specific situation and needs, to help make your home more accessible and easier for the person with disabilities to utilize all features in the home.

We do this without compromising any functionality in the home and often without installing any specialized equipment. This may involve installing a ramp a family member in a wheelchair can easily enter and exit the home or installing features that help them use the bathroom or kitchen, as well as navigate around the home.


Universal Design vs. ADA Compliance

Universal design is different from ADA design in that the ADA is a law that pertains to public spaces, not single-family homes. The regulations set by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) mandate that public facilities and services must be fully-accessible to people with disabilities. Meanwhile, universal design is completely voluntary.

However, the Remodel Works team strongly believes that every project we work on should be accessible to all, including children, adults, the elderly, and those with disabilities.

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Our Universal Design Process

Remodel Works uses universal design principles in every project we work on. Our tried-and-true process will keep every accessibility renovation on schedule and on budget.


  • Free In-home Consultation – Where it all begins! A member of our team will meet with you in your home to talk with you about your goals and see what areas will need to be updated to make your home more accessible.
  • Initial Universal Design – Our designer will work to create an initial design of your home with the new changes according to universal design principles. We will keep both functionality and aesthetics in mind, to ensure that the new accessibility elements do not take away from the feel of your home.  
  • Material Selection – Once the design has been agreed upon, we will carefully choose the materials needed for your ADA home remodeling. Since making accessibility updates can often affect many different areas of your home, this may also require several different materials. Together, we will choose the perfect materials to meet your needs.
  • Project Timeline & Schedule – Once the necessary materials have been selected, we will carefully curate a detailed project timeline and schedule to follow throughout every step of the process. You will be able to easily follow along and have every detail you need to know what to expect from the overall project. Every item will be accounted for and carefully planned.
  • Permits & Logistics – All of the necessary permits will be secured and we submit all building plans to the San Diego City and County. You don’t need to take care of a single thing, our team will do all the work for you.
  • We Get to Work – Once all of these items are in place, our expert team will get to work on your home renovation to make it more accessible to all. We will be sensitive to the fact that we are working inside and outside of your home, show great respect to your needs and privacy, and clean up after ourselves each and every day. We will make every effort so it doesn’t feel like you are living inside of a construction site. We will also review and inspect every step of the project to make sure the work has been done perfectly and your more accessible home comes out just as you envisioned.
  • Unveiling – Finally, it’s time for you to see the entire finished product and learn how to use all of its new features.

Why Choose Remodel Works?

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Remodel Works are industry leaders for ADA compliance and ADA home renovations in the San Diego area. We are experts at universal design and have a team of experts eager to help update your home to accommodate your loved ones. Give us a call today and together we will come up with a unique solution for your needs.

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