Carmel Valley Bathroom Remodel

This luxurious Carmel Valley bathroom remodel is highlighted by high quality appliances and premier technologies that are gorgeously arranged to create a modern, relaxed feel. The bathroom includes isteam controls for ultimate shower comfort, an appliance that has grown in popularity as homeowners choose to have more control over the their shower experience. A Schon Amelia freestanding tub and icon bathtub valve system are in place to enhance this bathroom experience further. Modernity doesn’t need to mean superfluous design when dealing with home decor. Remodel Works  designers are eager to introduce new technologies and appliances to homes, not for the sake of trying something new, but because of the fact that new materials and equipment can create a much more efficient and enjoyable bathroom space. This modern Carmel Valley bathroom remodel includes beautiful Starmark maple corn linen cabinets and linen cabinets that are both functional and stylish. The sconce lighting throughout the bathroom enhances the relaxing tone and reflects elegantly off the grey paint.

The Remodel Works team of designers, technicians, and project managers that worked diligently on this project couldn’t be more proud of how it turned out. The amount of work that goes into completing a job like this is often underrated. Thanks to the seamless communication between clients and the Remodel Works team, the project was finished on time and without the stress that comes with most remodeling projects. There is a reason this bathroom is highlighted on the company website. It is a one of the most exquisite projects that Remodel Designers have recently finished, and the company couldn’t be more proud. Thanks to devoted clients who are willing to have pictures taken of their new bathrooms, everyone can enjoy the masterful work of this XXXX bathroom.

Customer Testimonial

“Remodel Works was very professional and tended to our every needs. They answered all of our questions patiently and did a great job trying to keep our home tidy..” – ltruong63 (Houzz)

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