Clairemont Bathroom Remodel

Efficiency and grace are the premier characteristics of this compact Clairemont bathroom remodel. It is not often that Remodel Works designers are challenged with such limited space, a large majority of Remodel Works’ clients look for master bathrooms and larger projects that might include bathtubs, multiple cabinets, or sinks. It is easy to think that a smaller project like this Clairemont bathroom remodel will limit possibilities, but the opposite is true. Designers love to work with projects like this bathroom because there is an added pressure of a confined area; and pressure makes diamonds. With the pressure of less space, comes the pleasure of making every detail stand out more. Stunning Eternity Grey Wall tile and a Cold Mosaic Mix on the floor in the shower add archetypal subtleties to the glamour of this space. It is a condensed elegance, a tightly space arrangement of perfect congruency. The color scheme is relaxed and every appliance is able to stand out equally. The beauty is in the details, and from the light fixtures to the shower tile, everything is distinct and yet fluid. With a space like this bathroom remodel, there can be no mistakes, no misalignment. An Agalite Accent clear bypass shower door creates a roomy feel despite limited floor space. A mounted toilet, and vanity/sink give a modern illusion to the structure of the furniture, and Moen grab bars, toilet paper holder, and towel ring are beautiful additions. What this bathroom lacks in size, it makes up for in productive use of space and arrangement. For over 30 years, Remodel Works designers have been able to build an exquisite resume with these types of bathroom remodeling projects. Despite the challenges of creating a harmonious atmosphere with so many product options, Remodel Works was proud to perfectly finish this Clairemont bathroom.

Customer Testimonial

“They were exceptional. My house serves as a referral for them now to show their work. They were friendly, and professional, on time, and no budget.” – Nina G.

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