Del Mar Kitchen Remodel

Our client had been living in a outdated and non-functioning kitchen and desired something new and exciting for their Del Mar kitchen remodel. The desire to have a warm and inviting ambiance led the way to create this magnificent kitchen. StarMark Maple Cabinetry with a white tinted varnish is a dominate feature while the StarMark Cherry Rattan Cabinets are seen in the middle of the kitchen. Green River granite countertops with a waterfall edge compliment the beige subway tile with turquoise liner. The kitchen comes with new stainless steel appliances and even a wine fridge making this a dream gourmet kitchen, perfect for entertaining guests. Earth tones have, and continue to be the most popular types of themes in kitchen remodeling. It’s easy to tell that nature has been embraced in this space, as everything from the flooring to the cabinetry speak to a sustainable, natural feel. There is a reason why earthy atmospheres are so popular in a kitchen space. Ultimately, it has to do with the psychology behind preparing you food: You feel more comfortable in a natural setting than you do in a “plastic” or metallic themed space. Leave that to the garage or media center. It is kitchens like this that have given Remodel Works its stellar reputation. Professional work, built to last, gorgeously designed, and backed by warranty, are all ways to describe this type of kitchen. It truly is a masterpiece (there’s a reason we show it off), and Remodel Works is thankful to its clients for sharing pictures and helping future customers see what kind of work the company does.

Customer Testimonial

“I had a list of jobs to be done each day and they were done on time, professionally and with wonderful attention to detail. When they left at the end of the day all the mess was cleaned up! I felt they listened to me, my concerns and answered all my questions. Oh, and did I mention they finished on time?” – Bonnie S.

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