Encinitas Kitchen Remodel

When it comes to cooking, simplicity is best, and this Encinitas kitchen remodel is a perfect blend of elegance and minimalism. Leave complexity and flashiness to the media center that you’ve always dreamed of. This kitchen is a gorgeous blend of austerity and beautiful colors/materials. Remodel Works design consultants are professionals at knowing how to design perfectly ordered kitchens using the best materials and perfect spacing.This Encinitas kitchen remodel  is made spacious and welcoming by elegant Stratford style StarMark cabinetry. The Maple wood outer cabinets are finished with a Marshmallow Cream, while Cherry wood and a deep Brittany finish have been used to create the sunning woodwork on the island. The countertops are a striking earth-toned granite. Beautiful stainless steel appliances complete this kitchen, and an Extensa stainless faucet with a Pro Compact disposal adds subtle luxuries to this smaller, yet sophisticated Encinitas kitchen. It is kitchens like this that have given Remodel Works its stellar reputation. Professional work, built to last, gorgeously designed, and backed by warranty, are all ways to describe this type of kitchen. It truly is a masterpiece (there’s a reason we show it off), and Remodel Works is thankful to its clients for sharing pictures and helping future customers see what kind of work the company does.

Customer Testimonial

“This company was very professional. I felt they were legitimate and by the book. They laid everything out in a contract from the beginning, and they never hassled me if I wanted to change anything. I appreciated the degree of customer care I received. They were really really good.” – Janet H.

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