Hillcrest Kitchen Remodel

The spotless simplicity of this Hillcrest kitchen Remodel will leave guests speechless. The abounding StarMark cabinet space with Bridgeport doors enable a host to keep a host of delicacies stored away for future parties. The Marshmallow cream finish gives a calming aura to the space and a unique Farmhouse sink adds a rustic touch to the class and cleanliness of this kitchen. You can almost imagine a children’s story happening inside this space. Is that a stretch? Maybe, but the serenity of this space is pretty tough to beat. Richelieu pulls complement the stainless steel appliances to make this remodel accessible and up-to-date. The kitchen needs to be the most hygienic and spotless room in your home, and guests will typically expect the food you prepare to match the quality of your kitchen. It was the choice of materials in this kitchen that was so paramount to pulling the entire room together. Simple? Yes, and that’s the point. Too many colors, too many appliances, or even (surprisingly) too much open space, can give a kitchen a hectic feel. As intense as cooking can get, it is important that the chef stays calm, so the Remodel Works team made sure to finish this kitchen off by creating a perfectly serene atmosphere.

Customer Testimonial

“This company took the time to answer all the questions I had regarding a bathroom remodel. Mary was able to answer all my questions efficiently and professionally! She went so far as to contact one of her workers off site and call me back with the information I needed.” – Kyle G.

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