Poway Kitchen Remodel

The blend of earth tones in the natural wood and stone materials are the premier aspects of this Poway kitchen remodel. Oakcraft Alder wood cabinetry immediately grabs the attention of any guest. With a Kona finish, the cabinets’ beautiful Aspen door style gives a deep profundity to the color scheme of the kitchen. A subtle rustic feel is also added to the uniformity of this space. Natural earth tones and elegant appliances also mix to make this a space that any host/hostess would enjoy cooking in. Cosentino Caroline Summer granite adorns the countertops, accompanying the Tumbleld Troy full height tile splash. The arguably most unique characteristic of this kitchen is the Eclipse Espresso linear glass stone blend above the cooktop. Distinguishing stainless steel appliances make this kitchen an undeniable standard for excellence.

The brand names and products might sound fancy, but the design team at Remodel Works took a simple approach to this Poway kitchen remodel. A straightforward design process and installation always helps keep a project stress free and on schedule. The biggest issues that most homeowners will have with remodeling companies is often that jobs are taking too long. To keep customers happy and satisfied, work needs to get done right and on time: This Poway kitchen is testament.

Each component of this Poway kitchen remodel was chosen to create a unique atmosphere in this space. The color scheme of the cabinets and countertops allow for a keen designer’s eye to flow smoothly from surface to surface. Even the appliances fit seamlessly into the intended aura that the Remodel Works designers had in mind.

Customer Testimonial

“He was wonderful. I highly recommend him. We didn’t even know there was construction going on in our home. He was on time with every aspect of the project.” – Lucia V.

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