Santee Kitchen Remodel

For over 30 years, Remodel Works designers have been able to build an exquisite resume with these types of kitchen remodeling projects. Despite the challenges of creating a harmonious atmosphere with so many product options, Remodel Works was proud to perfectly finish this Santee Kitchen remodel.

The simple and elegant feel of this country-style Santee kitchen remodel are perfectly expressed through the Maple wood, Stratford style StarMark cabinets. The flooring is the undoubtedly most rustic part of this kitchen, and gives a natural feel and a country flavor to the entire space. Most guests eyes will start from the floor of a space and move up. Because of this, the designers at Remodel Works made sure not to disappoint. The entire room flows together, and the colors blend and contrast at the same time. A Marshmallow Cream finish matches the warmth of the granite countertops and uniform tile floor. The humble backsplash is Rittenhouse Matte Urban Putty. Richelieu pulls on all cabinets add a refined touch to the storage space. Polished of with beautiful stainless steel appliances, the space is open, welcoming, and ideal for hosting family and friends. Remodel Works designers are eager to introduce new technologies and appliances to homes, not for the sake of trying something new, but because of the fact that new materials and equipment can create a much more efficient and enjoyable kitchen space.

Customer Testimonial

“The job was completed in a timely fashion; on schedule, with excellent advice, installers, oversight and outcome. Patrick was our project manager and right on top of everything as was everyone else involved.” – Mary J.

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