Scripps Ranch Kitchen Remodel

The Indian Premium Black Satin Marble that covers the outer countertops in this Scripps Ranch kitchen remodel creates a serene feeling as it surrounds the contrasting White Macubas Satin Marble on the central island. Pristine StarMark cabinets cover the walls, varnished on the outer space with Maple Waynesville White, while an Alder Waynesville Java adds a juxtaposing finish to the island. The dark island base is the clear point of attraction in this kitchen, and contrasts perfectly with the light countertops. A blacksplash can often act as a mesh between cabinets and countertops and this kitchen is a perfect example. Richelieu knobs and pulls on all cabinetry add a classy touch to the spacious storage area. In between cabinets is a gorgeous Elume Heather Gray Linear mosaic, which perfectly highlights the black and white theme of this modern kitchen.

The brand names and products might sound fancy, but the design team at Remodel Works took a simple approach to this Scripps Ranch Kitchen remodel. A straightforward design process and installation always helps keep a project stress free and on schedule. The biggest issues that most homeowners will have with remodeling companies is often that jobs are taking too long, and to keep customers happy and satisfied, work needs to get done right and on time: This Scripps kitchen is testament.

Customer Testimonial

“Patrick always handled any questions or issues promptly and ensured that I was completely satisfied. Especially, with the help of design, timeliness and professionalism. I would definitely use Remodel Works again and they made it so much easier than other work we’ve had done.” – John F.

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