Solana Beach Kitchen Remodel

What isn’t there to love about this kitchen ? The Indian Premium Black Satin Marble in this Solana Beach kitchen remodel that covers the outer countertops in this kitchen creates a serene feeling as it surrounds the contrasting White Macubas Satin Marble on the central island. Pristine StarMark cabinets cover the walls, varnished on the outer space with Maple Waynesville White, while an Alder Waynesville Java adds a juxtaposing finish to the island. Richelieu knobs and pulls on all cabinetry add a classy touch to the spacious storage area. In between cabinets is a gorgeous Elume Heather Gray Linear mosaic, which perfectly highlights the black and white theme of this modern kitchen. The key with this space is the blend and congruency between each material and color. It was a challenge to pick the perfect type of flooring to match the solid cabinetry. The end result of this project fits together perfectly, and it is easy to tell that meshing colors and establishing a warm theme was accomplished.

Solana Beach kitchen remodeling projects, like this masterpiece, are loved by every Remodel Works designer. Having this type of space to work with is a designers dream, and it is easy to see that the Remodel Works team took full advantage. What is there not to love about endless design choices? From the flooring, to appliances, countertops, every aspect of this bathroom is geared towards exactly what the client asked for, and you can see that the Remodel Works team didn’t disappoint.

Customer Testimonial

“They were true to the calendar and sometimes a bit ahead. The workers were professional and thoroughly cleaned up after themselves each day. The quality of the materials and the work was excellent. ” – Edna W.

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