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2015 Countertop Style

While marble countertops have always been a staple in kitchens of all styles, this year is bringing about some changes looking to equally popular for 2015 countertop style. Marble has been a favorite amongst home owners for years due to its durability, versatility, and its pristine finish. This year we are seeing options that still offer home owners all of these qualities, just with a fresh new face.


A surface gaining notice from San Diego home owners for 2015 countertop style is quartz. Quartz is one of the hardest minerals which makes quartz countertops exceptionally durable and able to withstand even the most extensive use. Quartz countertops are also scratch resistant, stain proof, and non-porous. A major concern for home owners when 2015 countertop styleremodeling is the sturdiness of surfaces used in the project due to the inconvenience of cracking and damage that can happen to certain countertop materials. A kitchen or bathroom remodel is a large investment that home owners want to withstand years of use.


In addition to being notably durable, quartz comes in a variety of colors that can fit into any style. From neutrals such as brown, crème, and black to bright reds and greens, quartz has an option for everyone. For those looking for something more elegant, many quartz slabs come infused with a sparkle quality like the ever popular marble. More and more San Diego home owners are realizing that quartz countertops offer all the same perks as marble countertops but offer an alternative that gives their kitchen remodel a more unique look.


Another 2015 countertop style trend is wood countertops. While at first it may sound like a potentially unsanitary or difficult to maintain surface, it has its advantages. Wood countertops are easier to install than stone based countertops 2015 countertop styleoften making it a more cost effective option. A second advantage of choosing a wood surface is that it brings a warm tone to the home, which is often desired in the kitchen where the family spends a lot of time together. While wood countertops often pair best with traditional or rustic styled kitchens, it can be given a modern edge.


Fusion countertops incorporate wood surfaces as well as laminate or other countertop surfaces that are easier to manage. This 2015 countertop style offers a new style for home owners looking for something different and modern. There are number of options to choose from for fusion countertops depending on personal preferences. A primary advantage of wood fusion countertops is that it allows customers to use wood countertops but avoid putting them in problem areas such as around the sink.


Whatever your personal preferences there are plenty of 2015 countertop style options for your kitchen or bathroom remodel. As San Diego’s leading design-build firm, Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen can help you determine what countertop style works best for your family’s particular need and your design vision. Our expert designers will help you choose your materials and our technicians will ensure that they are flawlessly installed for the perfect remodel. Serving San Diego home owners for over 30 years, you can’t go wrong with Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen.



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