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2016 Bathroom Tile Trends

Knowing what’s trending is always practical when planning a remodeling project, as trends might give your some new ideas and point you in directions you haven’t considered. Tile choices are one of the key elements in a bathroom remodel, and we’ve collected our favorite 2016 tile trends.

Natural stone

Stone is one of the latest bathroom tile trends and is seeing a big push in bathroom design. Porcelain tiles are now available with a marble and stone appearance, which can give your bathroom a more natural look and feel.

Shapes, shapes, shapes

Let your imagination run wild – rounds, scales, beehives, teardrops, arabesque, plaited, chevron… These tiles don’t have to be placed row by row, instead they can form patterns and shapes, like swirls, circles, waves, etc.

Mosaic floors

Mosaics can be a wonderful outlet for your creativity especially in small spaces like powder rooms and small bathrooms. As one of the more versatile trends in bathroom tile, a mosaic flooring gives you the opportunity to add a pop of color or keep things neutral. But note, mosaic tiles should be used sparingly and combined with something simple and neutral, like subway tiles to balance the visual effect.


Gray has skyrocketed in popularity and doesn’t appear to be going out of fashion any time soon. However, it is just an impression that gray has only recently become hot, when it’s been every designer’s best friend for years due to its flexibility and transformational powers. The gray color palette is huge and steps into taupe and creamy off-whites. Gray can combine beautifully with bold colors as well as earthy brown and gold tones for a luxurious touch.


Transitional style combines usually contrasting designs or aesthetics for a fresh new take. Try traditional shapes with long, skinny tiles or a couple of mosaic tiles. Polka dots have that evergreen playfulness that can be interpreted both as retro and contemporary geometric.

Vanity drama

Making vanity the centerpiece of the bathroom is a hot trend. Use a bright color, bold texture, or play with size! Just remember to leave the rest of the bathroom neutral allowing the vanity to pop.

3D walls

Tiles can pop and leave the confines of 2D through folds, ridges, asymmetrical profiles and raised geometry. These tiles toned down through neutral colors, can give the bathroom the unexpected wow effect.

Soft textures

If you would like an inviting, embracing atmosphere in your bathroom, you can go for designs with tactile effects (sandblasted marble, stripped wood) or soft, gentle shades with watercolor or velvety effect.

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