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2016 Bathtub Designs for San Diego Bathroom Remodeling

2016 Bathtub Designs - Bathroom remodeling in San DiegoWhile a bathtub was previously used scarcely and mostly for giving children a bath, with the coming of the modern age bathrooms are becoming one of the key components of every house, where you get to relax after a stressful day at work. With this in mind, bathroom designers took a new approach when fashioning bathtubs, ensuring that they are spacious and comfortable enough so they can provide you with your little piece of heaven, at least for that one short but soothing bath.


Choosing the perfect bathtub depends on various factors, including how spacious your bathroom is, your personal style preferences, whether you prefer showering or soaking in the water and, most importantly, how limited your budget is. Listed below are three increasingly popular bathtub styles in 2016, selected by experts in bathroom remodeling from San Diego. Along with tips for trendy spring bathroom remodel, these designs will hopefully help you choose the bathtub that fits your personality best before you take up a bathroom remodeling project.

Plate bathtub

The first impression you get when looking at one of these may just baffle you if you are used to traditional bathtubs. This particular piece looks like an enlarged salad bowl or a plate standing in the center of your bathroom. With elevated corners, wide bed, and flat bottom, the plate bathtub can serve as a comfy tub and is also great for people who prefer taking a shower standing up.


Its unique design makes sure that it is comfortable and spacious enough for you to relax and its modern appearance is sure to raise some eyebrows and impress your guests. While its design is extraordinary, the downside is that it takes up too much space and might not be an ideal solution for narrow or otherwise small bathrooms.

Corner bathtub

Unlike the previous entry on the list, the corner bathtub (as the name implies) fits in a corner and is a good way to save a lot of central space and to have a stylish bathtub at the same time. While it resembles a Jacuzzi, it is significantly less space-consuming and can fit in most average-sized bathrooms. It is both modern and comfortable and will help you turn your every bath into a spa-like experience. Its rise to popularity among customers is due to this bathtub being available in various designs and mostly affordable, although there are some exquisite and significantly more expensive models on the market as well.


The setback of having such a tub in your bathroom is that it is much more difficult to clean because of its configuration, meaning that you’ll have to reach out and clean the corner part as well as the surrounding walls and junctions.

Soaking bathtub

Significantly deeper than traditional bathtubs, a soaking bathtub was designed with comfort in mind. It features a supportive shape which allows you to sink deeper into the water. They are space efficient as they are shorter in length relative to their depth. Taking a bath in a soaking tub is extremely relaxing and can help with chronic aches. Furthermore, its design ensures that water will not spill on your titles, resulting in a tiresome mess you’d have to clean right after your home-made spa therapy.


The downside of a soaking tub is that it consumes significantly more water than a regular tub, which makes it a less eco-friendly solution than the other bathtubs on this list. Additionally, they are highly impractical for people who often take showers rather than baths, in which case a corner bathtub might just be a better choice for you.

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