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Kitchen Cabinet Trends 2016

It is true that trends come and go, but how does a trend become a trend? When a growing number of people agrees that’s the way to go. We shouldn’t give up on what we find beautiful and functional, but knowing what is trendy and incorporating some aspects into our style will allow us to do some remodeling that will increase the (resale) value of our home.

These 2016 kitchen cabinet trends have established themselves in 2015, but experts agree they are unlikely to go anywhere in 2016.

Personalized cabinets

These will never go out of fashion. However, manufacturers have recognized this trend in kitchen cabinets and have made stylish semi-custom designs available at much more affordable prices. Forget cookie-cutter cabinets.

Clean Lines

Contemporary sleek reigns the modern kitchen. Cabinets (custom or semi-custom, right?) should have simple doors with clean lines and subtle design. An unfussy, subtle and continuous look makes most sense nowadays.

If you like contrast, black-and-white could work to make the kitchen look clean but dynamic. These colors also help balance the contrast between rustic and contemporary, if that is the combination in your kitchen.

Shaker style

One of the lastest trends in kitchen cabinets, shaker style epitomizes simplicity and functionality, which are both highly valued kitchen attributes today. This style has become much more attractive recently.

Anyway, shaker style is gaining steam. Its most prominent point is the wood, so that’s where you should shell out to ensure the most durable quality and the best visual effect.

Neutral colors

Clean lines are perfectly complemented with colors such as white gray and neutral. Neutral and earthy tones are very cooperative and forgiving, on top of giving the space some warmth.

Functionality is a priority

Function and design should go hand in hand and don’t be mistaken that one excludes the other. There are beautiful design solutions for cabinets that combine aesthetics, organization, storage and access. Making your cabinets work for you while being pleasant for the eyes is the perfect recipe to maximize efficiency in the kitchen and the enjoyment of it.

Some tricks to increasing the functionality of your kitchen space are toe-kick drawers under the cabinets, additional containers on top of the cabinets, drawer inserts, pull out shelving in tight spaces and a lazy Susan in the corner cabinet.

Horizontal Orientation

One of the new trends in kitchen cabinets is noted rise in the popularity of horizontal cabinetry. Because the cabinets are wide, there’s less need to stack them and the access is better. Finally, the kitchen has a clean, refined look.


Technology is everywhere and think about ways of introducing it to your kitchen. With things developing so quickly, these will become the standard one day soon. So, what you could think of in advance are built-in charging points, hands-free devices to chat while making dinner and tablet holders (because, where else are you reading the recipes from these days?).

Kitchen Designers San Diego

Remodeling cabinets can give your kitchen a fresh new look. For professional guidance and assistance on how to remodel your kitchen, ask Remodel Works. Our team of kitchen designers provides the ultimate blend of expertise, experience, and dedication. We combine our knowledge of trends and vast experience with premium products and top-notch workmanship to help you remodel your kitchen, the heart of your home. Contact us today – we’d love to share ideas!



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