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2016 San Diego Contemporary Bathroom Designs and Trends

Bathroom is not only the place in the house meant for private sanitation, it is a place where we can ease some of stress piling up every day. Taking a long, relaxing bath in the tub is a traditional method of stress release and energizing showers can have almost the same effect as a good cup of coffee. That is why you have to make sure your bathroom is pleasant to look at and spend your time in. There are many options to choose from, and if you are a fan of traditional design you can look for inspirations in old country homes.

However, if you are a fan of modern design things are a bit different. The word contemporary is evolving every day; and so is the contemporary bathroom design. Most modern bathroom designs focus on turning your bathroom into a luxurious spa with extravagant features like granite countertops, smart storage, stylish elements and larger than life bathtubs and showers. If you are planning a bathroom remodeling project, seasoned designers at Remodel Works have handpicked a few hot trends San Diego contemporary bathroom designs will benefit from.

San Diego Contemporary Bathroom

Sleek and Simple

When it comes to modern design, simplicity is the main guideline. Make sure that the available space isn’t cluttered by installing concealed shelves and cabinets to store your personal items in. Do not litter it with unnecessary toiletries and things you don’t need. When choosing the tiles and the backsplash go for unusual geometric shapes which will add character to your bathroom but not harm the minimalistic approach.

Independent Bathtubs

Another staple of the contemporary design is a freestanding tub. Try to keep the balance and align it with the minimalistic feel by opting in for sharp and symmetrical placement of the tub. While there are many traditional and modern bathtubs to choose from, we recommend an unusual rectangular or a pedestal bathtub – a huge hit this season.

Plant Life

Another popular feature this season is having a touch of green in your bathroom. Having a plant will connect your bathroom with the outdoors and as plants go extremely well with modern design you won’t have to worry about the plants ruining your concept. Additionally, they will help further the spa experience in the bathroom.

The Perfect Lighting

Lighting is one of the most crucial aspects when designing a contemporary bathroom. Modern designs lean heavily towards geometric shapes and you should keep that in mind when selecting the lighting fixtures and windows. Even more important than the ornamentation is the placement and the quality of light. If you want a natural-like lighting in your bathroom consider skylights.

The Personal Touch

Minimalist design does not mean that you bathroom can’t share some of your personality. There is a lot of ways you could decorate your bathroom to reflect your taste and not ruin the minimalistic concept. For example, you could place geometric shaped mirrors on the wall or hang framed contemporary paintings. Add a huge mirror going from the floor to the roof and replace your colorful towels for grey and white ones. Do not be afraid to include concrete and wooden elements like cabinets and countertops, because these go extremely well with the spa concept in a contemporary bathroom. When it comes to color, you can’t get it wrong with neutral hues like gray or beige.



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