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Kitchen Remodeling in San Diego: 2016 Trends

kitchen remodeling The kitchen holds a special place in your home. It is where you prepare everyday (yet special!) meals for your family, have a casual glass of wine at the end of a hard day, or cook up sumptuous dinners for your friends at weekends. Yes, your kitchen can be all that, and more. Done with patience and skill, the design of your kitchen can accommodate all your needs. You can finally marry the kitchen to the overall style of your home. You can make it look more traditional, or extravagant, or trendy or environmentally friendly. But before heating up too fast, lest consider what trends kitchen designers are hot on in 2016.


Black stainless steel

Yes, stainless steel is definitely a hit this year. Homeowners are rightfully deciding in favor of black stainless steel finish since it’s modern, fresh and (among other things) – fingerprint resistant. Accompanied by extravagant, bright colored kitchen appliances, black stainless steel will give your kitchen an elegant, yet lively, makeover.

If you fear your kitchen will become too dark, consider light-colored hardwood islands or floors that will set the mood you want, so black stainless steel appliances will be safely tucked in, allowing for a subtle contrast.

Islands instead of kitchen tables

Since kitchen islands have already made a name for themselves, designers continue to explore their use within kitchen remodeling way into 2016. If your kitchen is not sizeable to accommodate a lavish multipurpose kitchen island, you can always go for additional counter space. For the more traditional ones who are reluctant to part with the good ol’ kitchen table, try mounting it to a counter height.

Gold-tone hardware and brass

This 80s style has surely made a comeback. However, to translate this style into the 21st century, consider satin brass finishes instead of the shiny ones. The overall trend in kitchen remodeling is to make your kitchen as natural-looking as possible, so satin finishes will contribute to the delicacy and refinement you want your kitchen to emanate.

Soft accent colors

Rumor has it that bright primary colors are outdated and kitchen designers envision a modern kitchen bathing in the softness of pastel colors, such as muted-blues or greens and pale yellow. Even though many think such delicate accent colors are best used in combination with white countertops and cabinetry, gray is a popular alternative. If you aren’t into exploring all the shades of gray, you can still go for off-white and tinted white.

Lighter hardwood tones

Pliant light-colored wood materials are a real designer goodie. Whitewashed woods and walnuts can easily bring about the comfy sensation, and they are excellent when teamed up with light-colored backsplashes and muted accent colors. The combination also makes the kitchen look fresher and cleaner, and creates a space where gold-tone hardware can fit in naturally.

Eco-friendly flooring

If you are looking for a more eco-friendly option for your 2016 kitchen remodel, cork is a satisfying choice. Highly sustainable, cork tiles and planks are now manufactured in lighter colors, including various patterns. Apart from the traditional cork floor, consider installing a rubber-cork-blend floor. With 17 colors and a variety of shades, this is a planet-friendly option that can complete your dream kitchen design.

Non-matching upper and lower cabinets

Now this is a bold move, considering that the color of the cabinets has to be decided against the countertop, flooring and appliances. However, designers are crazy about it. So, consider black stainless steel as an option for appliances, go for light-colored hardwood floor and choose a combination of different wood materials for the island and countertops.

After that, choose white or off-white for upper cabinets and play with different darker wood options for the lower ones. When combined carefully, different wood tones and patterns add up to the overall trendiness.

Want to do kitchen remodeling in San Diego?

Kitchen remodel is not an easy undertaking, although it can be a very rewarding one. If you want to venture into kitchen remodeling in San Diego like a pro, contact Remodel Works, your neighborly remodeling agency, or simply visit our showroom. We are happy to be part of your dreams coming to life!



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