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5 Exciting Spring Designs Recommended by Kitchen Designers in San Diego

Exciting spring designs


Spring is most commonly hailed as a season of change and new beginnings. What better time to give your kitchen a charming new look you have been dreaming about for a while now?


This season has brought in some new trends, as kitchen designers were inspired to experiment with blending traditional styles with modern accents giving your kitchen both elegance and warmth.


Some of the best kitchen designers in San Diego shared five exciting spring designs which should get you warmed up for the idea of finally remodeling your kitchen this season!


Out of sight appliances

One of the most recent trends in kitchen remodeling is masking appliances and blending them with the cabinetry. By hiding appliances such as the oven, dishwasher and microwave inside the kitchen drawers you are focusing the attention to the masterful woodwork of the kitchen cabinetry and giving your kitchen a rustic feel, which is another popular trend this spring. At the same time you don’t have to worry about aligning the kitchen appliances’ colors and materials. Another perk of this setup is well organized use of the kitchen area, ideal for kitchens in smaller homes with limited space.


Hardwood floors

Although it might be slightly more expensive, hardwood is still the best solution for your kitchen floor as it is resilient and easy to clean. Hardwood has long been the favorite material among kitchen designers in San Diego as it is both rich in detail and mixes well with any style customers might choose to go with, whether inspired by modern or traditional look. Most importantly, hardwood floors are very comfortable to stand on for longer periods of time and are synonymous with a stylish kitchen.


Rustic style

One of the most surprising trends on this list is design inspired by the classic countryside kitchen style. Details like softer colors and wooden finishes are not only pleasant on the eyes but bring warmth to the heart of your home. Rustic cabinets, open shelves, stone components and a large kitchen table or an island are just some of the elements of the kitchen design inspired by the simpler times. The rugged design can be further achieved by using log accents, for example in wooden countertops, window frames or even ceiling beams.


Smart space management


One of the key components in a modern kitchen is the best possible use of available space. You should make use of any gaps, especially if your kitchen is limited in size. Many areas of the kitchen previously considered useless can be converted into cabinets, efficiently using all the space available. Some ideas to consider include built in wine rack in the gap between a wall or an appliance and cabinetry, hanging or wall mounted spice racks, corner pieces converted into drawers for built in trash bins, magazine files in the back of cabinet doors to hold things like aluminum foil, etc. Having a well-organized kitchen is not only handy but extremely trendy.


Let there be light


One of the most popular trends according to kitchen designers is bringing a lot of light into your kitchen. This is extremely important if your kitchen is not on the sunny side or if natural light is otherwise obstructed. If this is the case, track lighting can be the perfect option as light can easily be directed wherever you need it most and used as a spotlight or ambient illumination, depending on your needs. Apart from that, light can also be used as a nice accent. By installing LED bulbs inside and under the upper cabinets you can illuminate the workspace or highlight your glassware or metallic finishes. You can even install LED bulbs under the lower cabinets accenting the walkway. Needless to say, LED lights are simple to install and are extremely energy efficient, which makes them a favorite among designers and homeowners alike.


Thinking of remodeling your kitchen?


If your kitchen is worn-out and old and you need to breathe new life into it, contact our experienced kitchen designers at Remodel Works and we will help you design the kitchen of your dreams!



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