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Alternatives To Room Additions

The main drives for doing alternatives to room additions are a home that has become small or a home that is missing something, like a guest room or another bathroom. Many homeowners instantly jump to the conclusion they should be thinking of an addition to make up for what’s lacking – but there are quicker, simpler and cheaper alternatives to such a move.

The key thing to start from is looking at your home’s floor plan with new eyes. Have a fresh look at the footprint and think how it to make the best use of space.

The basement & the attic

If there is enough headroom and a staircase, remodeling your basement and/ or attic is definitely the cheapest and quickest way to go about acquiring some extra space. Practically everything is already there. What’s remaining is some insulation and details.

Obviously, there are limitations regarding what you can get in this way – and it’s certainly not a kitchen or a powder room. But if you are looking for a family room, guest bedroom, a home office or a master bedroom (in the loft, i.e. the attic), this could be a great way to get it.

Use Anything Not Being Used

So many homes have spaces that are not used very often. Do you have a formal dining room where things are happening only during holidays? You can repurpose it in such a way that allows you to use it in the original sense when necessary, while in the meantime it can be transformed. A formal dining room can be a library and the table can be pushed to the wall or taken out and then put back for holidays.

A spare bedroom can be a home office or a playroom.

Knock down some walls

If your kitchen, dining room and family room are feeling tiny and packed, you could remove the walls separating them and have an open floor plan. “Great rooms” which are open-space and high-ceiling and incorporate many room are gaining traction.

The costs will include some beams maybe to take on the role of walls and patching in the flooring, but this is still a very straightforward and cheap way of gaining space without actually adding on. Even though that space has always been there, it will feel and live bigger.

Identify space waste

Your floorplan might be hiding some efficiency within it if you take a closer look. Do you have some redundant circulation space, i.e. multiple (but not that necessary) ways how to get from one room to another? What about removing a huge closet or relocating an HVAC duct to get some space for amenities? Getting rid of the wasted square footage and streamlining traffic flow could give you some extra space to expand the kitchen, for example.

Room addition San Diego

Professionals can help you most to make up your mind when it comes to the dilemma – a room addition or a remodel? In San Diego, Remodel Works is an expert local design-build contractor committed to excellence in workmanship, materials and products to guarantee the ultimate satisfaction of our clients. If you are not sure what would be more efficient and effective – adding-on or remodeling – feel free to give us a call. We’d be delighted to share ideas with you, answer all your questions and provide you with a quote. Contact us now!



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