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Bathroom First Impressions: Designer Ideas for a Unique Bathroom

Whether you are looking to leave a lasting bathroom first impression on your guests or sell your home and increase its market value, remodeling your kitchen and your bathroom should be your primary objective. These two rooms are ones that guests or potential buyers notice first, and if you manage to leave the best kitchen and bathroom first impressions you are guaranteed to be the talk of the town or sell your house easier and at a better price. When people see an impressive bathroom, they immediately picture spending time there, enjoying a long, relaxing bath, a quick energizing shower or taking their time getting ready for work. Our expert designers at Remodel Works will turn any old bathroom into a personal spa you will love spending your time in.

Bathroom First Impressions

Why Start With The Bathroom?

The bathroom is where your every day starts as soon as you’ve crawled out of bed. An energizing morning shower can change your entire day. We use the bathroom so often during the day, which is why it is important that we feel comfortable there. In order to get a bathroom you will enjoy spending your time in you will need much more than a budget. You need fresh ideas and designs that will help translate your dreams and make your bathroom stand out in the sea of dull and uninspired designs. Below are a few design ideas that will help you create a unique, breathtaking look for your remodeled bathroom.

Futuristic Bathroom

Technology has boomed in the last couple of decades, and some interesting technological advancements have found their way into a modern-day bathroom. In-floor heating systems will ensure that you never freeze after a warm shower or a bath. Touchless toilets will help prevent many diseases carried by the nasty bacteria you spray across the bathroom when you flush. Remote controlled lights, faucets and bidets no longer belong exclusively in science fiction shows. The only limit is your budget, but with a respectable remodeling agency like Remodel Works you will not only get the futuristic bathroom, but save money as well. Our esteemed partners will supply everything you need to get a modern bathroom at discount prices.

Inspired Lighting Choices

You can’t experiment too much with lighting in your kitchen. The kitchen lighting should be functional first and foremost, so you will have to think about illuminating all the countertops, cabinets and the island first, and worry about decoration later. With the bathroom, things are a little bit different. You can be a lot more daring when it comes to lighting design. For example, you can use ornate chandeliers and unusual pendants. You can illuminate the vanity with a mix of upper and lower lights and even go with table lamps. While you have to think about illumination particularly when it comes to the vanity, you can allow yourself to make bolder, purely decorative choices.

Add Fire Elements

One of the most popular bathroom remodeling trends this year, fire elements such as a fireplace will give your bathroom a bold look and are guaranteed to leave a lasting first impression. A small fireplace set up across your bathtub will not only look impressive to your guests, but will create a relaxing atmosphere as you are enjoying your homemade spa bath. It will make your bathroom look luxurious and romantic and will do wonders for the home’s resale value.

Themed Bathrooms

Incorporating a theme to your bathroom design will give it an adventurous look and will make every trip to the bathroom an amazing journey. Choose an Asian or an ancient Roman style bathroom and spice it up with ornaments, sculptures, mosaic tiles or lighting fixtures. You could turn your regular bathroom into a beach-house style one for a significantly smaller budget, just get a few seashells, marine ropes and paint or tiles in shades of blue. Your imagination is the only limit here, and professional designers at Remodel Works will help turn your vision into reality.



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