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Bathroom Remodel: What To Do Before You Redo

San Diego bathroom remodelThe first step in every remodel is simple: think! Before you realize you have flushed the allotted budget down the toilet, while water is still seeping through the unfixed leaks, think about what needs to be done and why you are doing it.

Are you dissatisfied with the aesthetics of the place, which means only surface alterations are necessary? Is enhanced functionality what you need, so layout alterations are to take place? Are there any leaks whose source you cannot track down, which indicates a complete remodel needs to get under way? Before you answer, let’s consider the options.

Surface alterations

Surface alterations may not seem like more than just the change of make-up, but even the seemingly insignificant changes can spruce up a shabby old bathroom. These alterations include refinishing the cabinets and vanities to give them a fresher look. A stained or discolored tub can also be refinished, either by giving it a fresh layer of coat or installing bathtub liners.

If you feel your bathroom calls for a trendy floor makeover, the word is out that simply changing the grout color is very much in vogue. If, however, there are holes and scratches on the drywall, they can be covered up with a pre-fab wainscot, which is both practical and can add up to the overall design makeover.

Layout alterations

Layout alterations should be considered only if the wall studs and floor joists are still keeping your bathroom sanitary, but you feel something is disrupting the flow of the place. Maybe the toilet bowl is too close to the door so you keep bumping into it on your way in. Or the cabinets are too far from the shower, so you have to walk the slippery walk on your way to the linen cabinet.

Although layout alterations are more costly than refinishing, you might actually feel the change in the way you move about the bathroom. Practicality is the key: simply installing an additional washbasin or moving the outlets for bathroom appliances can make your bathroom experience more enjoyable.

Complete bathroom remodel

Complete bathroom remodel weighs heavily on the budget and is the most time-consuming, so you should avoid stirring the waters behind the drywall unless it is absolutely necessary. However, if the mold has eaten away your wall studs and floor joists, a complete overhaul becomes a sanitary issue.

Working your way up from scratch isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It also means finally installing the home sauna system you have always wanted, or getting the cabinets you have longed for even since you saw them in a magazine. You can also make changes to the size of the bathroom, improve the ventilation system, and even have an underfloor heating system installed – the possibilities are endless. Check out more ideas on the latest bathroom remodel trends.

Whatever you choose, make sure you get good value for money – a modest budget doesn’t mean you have to skimp on quality materials. If you want to get a full return on your investment, think about the things you want to be done and the things that need to be done.

San Diego Bathroom Remodel

If you are looking for a remodeling company in San Diego, contact us at Remodel Works and our team will make sure your bathroom is remodeled to suit your needs and reflect the personal style of your home. We are happy to guide you through the bathroom remodel process with patience and respect to your wishes, so feel free to call us today!



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