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Six Beach House Kitchen Design Ideas to Try

Beach house kitchens are not necessarily all about soft sandy hues, natural shells and rustic coral, although these elements can make a stylized addition. The ideal beach house kitchen should reflect its surroundings. The space should feel refreshing, revitalizing and natural;  the best way to accomplish this is through a careful selection of colors, accented lighting, and various brightening details. Our experts in kitchen remodeling in San Diego, CA have a lot of experience when it comes to beach kitchen designs, and were kind enough to share a few recommendations to point you in the right direction when it comes time to remodel your beach house kitchen. Whether the project is for vacation rentals or family homes, these coastal kitchen ideas will transform any space into an ideal sandy oasis.

Beach House KitchenNatural elements

Natural features are always welcome in coastal kitchen design, and if you’ve ever been a fan of collecting shells, rocks, and starfish on the nearby shore, now is a great chance to finally make use of them. Wood is a great element in such a kitchen; consider a butcher-block countertop for your table, island, or even for the countertop itself. Massive exposed wooden beams are an excellent way to add to the natural and rustic look. To complete this earthy feel, try adding tall wooden bar stools or chairs at your island countertop.

Open Shelves

While living in a beach home has its perks, trying to keep it clean can be a true hassle. Whether dealing with the sand that tends to permanently dust every corner of your home, or the humidity stains from those warm summer days; cleaning a beach house kitchen can be extremely tiresome. That is why open surfaces are imperative in a beach kitchen design. To create a spacious room, use open shelves to provide a great visual asset. Bring in the fun and casual feel that you would expect in a coastal cottage, by using colorful or patterned dishware.

Cabinets with glass doors

Like with the open shelves concept, glass doors on your kitchen cabinets let your colorful dishware highlight the brightness of your kitchen. When choosing the color of your dishware, consider typical beach colors such as blue, yellow and green. For an updated feel, bring in seasonal or trendy colors relevant in home decor style. Glass door cabinets will bring a bold yet casual look to your kitchen while being low maintenance and easy to clean.

Basic white

White never goes out of fashion, especially in a beach house kitchen. This color choice provides flexibility with any style, or can be the perfect foundation for an eclectic look. Does your style change as often as the seasons? If so, don’t worry. Having an airy white base will make changes to your kitchen a simple and hassle-free process.  

Seaside view

When remodeling your beach house kitchen, your greatest inspiration is the beautiful seaside right outside. If your kitchen is facing the ocean, why not take full advantage of that and let the seaside view do all the talking. Consider bright, large windows with few or no frames at all. Shop windows that allow for easy access to airflow, bringing in the fresh salty air right into your home. Try to have as many windows as possible, which will create a serene and natural atmosphere right in your kitchen.

Low-maintenance surfaces

A beach house is ideal for gathering with friends and family, so the last thing you would want to do is waste your time cleaning every surface while you should be enjoying the party. That is why easy to maintain materials are a must if you are considering remodeling your beach house kitchen. Laminate cabinet doors and quartz countertops are easy to maintain, apart from looking absolutely dashing and timeless.

Beach house kitchen remodeling San Diego, CA

Are you looking to give your beach house kitchen ideas a fresh new renovation? Look no further than Remodel Works, experts in home remodeling from San Diego, CA. Our company has over 30 years of experience and has proven complete dedication to our line of work. Contact our design team today to get a free quote with no obligations!



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