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Beginning Your Bedroom Remodel

Beginning Your Bedroom Remodel

Getting ready to do a major bedroom remodel? Remodeling your bedroom may seem like a fairly easy task when compared to remodeling a bathroom or kitchen. You aren’t limited by things such as appliance connections, gas hookups, or plumbing connections. You can put almost anything in any part of your bedroom, right? While you may have a few limitations, overall it is easier to do a bedroom remodel. However, you do still need to plan out the remodel before you start.

Take Accurate Measurements

One concern with the bedroom is that you do have a very large piece of furniture—your bed—that will take up most of the space. You want to make certain that you’ve taken accurate measurements of the room so that you can determine where your bed is going to go. This is one of the decisions you need to make early on in the process because your bed is going to act as an anchor for the room. The positioning of everything else in the room depends on where you put your bed, and its position depends on where it will fit.

Be Sure to Take Windows and Doors into Consideration for your Bedroom Remodel

Two obstacles may make it difficult to place your bed and other furniture where you want it: windows and doors. You can put your bed up against the windows, but that may look awkward, especially if you have a tall headboard. This can limit where you put your bed. In some cases, you may actually only have one place where it can go up against a wall. However, don’t be afraid to angle it in a corner. While it does leave empty space behind your bed, you can use that space to store your luggage or other items. Doors can also act as obstacles, especially if they open up into the room.

Determine Your Color Scheme

Another vital part of your bedroom remodel is your color scheme. Again, this is somewhat going to revolve around your bed. Do you use a particular bedspread or have a specific blanket or afghan you put on your bed? If so, you may want to coordinate the colors in that bedspread with the rest of the room. If you don’t, you may want to consider using colors that are somewhat neutral so whatever you have on the bed won’t clash. For example, if you paint your walls a dark blue, you may find that your bed’s green sheets don’t really work. You might not care, but if clashing colors bother you, it can destroy the feeling of peace and serenity you want to have in the bedroom.

Select Your Pops of Color for the Perfect Bedroom Remodel

When planning out your bedroom remodel, you may decide on colors for the walls and floor along with the color of your bedspread, but you also need to consider where you want your pops of color. These are the contrasting pieces that will really stand out. You may want your bed to be that pop of color, but you might not. You might want it on the curtains or a rug. For example, you might paint the walls a light grey, use a dark bedspread, but then have a yellow rug and curtains. The yellow will really stand out, and you can continue it through artwork and other small decorative pieces.

These are just a few things to take into account at the beginning of your bedroom remodel. By doing so, you’ll be able to better plan out where you want your furniture to go and what you want the final look to be. Contact us today to get your remodeling plan in motion!



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