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The Best Bathroom Color Trends

Are you excited for your upcoming bathroom remodeling project? Well, you should be. A bathroom remodel is a great way to add value to your home and get that ideal bathroom you’ve always dreamed about. Whether you are one of those people who love spending hours relaxing in a warm, bubbly bath or prefer quick, energizing showers, one of the most important points to consider is the color scheme you are going to use to empower your new bathroom. The color you use will have a significant impact on your mood, but will also reflect your personality. Our experienced interior design experts at Remodel Works offer a few different bathroom color trends to help guide your color selection.

Calming Shades of Blue

If you are going for a spa-vibe consider painting your bathroom a lighter shade of blue. A trendy color, blue is also soothing and has a calming effect, which is ideal if you plan on taking long, relaxing baths in your new bathroom. You can mix it up with greens and darker blues for an impressive look. Fitting with popular bathroom color trends, mixing white wooden surfaces and tiles with blue walls will make your bathroom appear larger and open, which is ideal if your bathroom is narrow. Consider a white soaking bathtub as the centerpiece, as it is an ideal way to crown your personal spa experience.

The Power of Orange

If you are an active type, and don’t take long baths to relax but prefer short, energizing showers in the morning before you head off to work you should consider a more energizing color palette. We recommend a darker shade of orange, such as terracotta. When paired with neutral bathroom tile it creates a powerful and energizing effect. The neutral tones of the tiles will help ground the style and keep the warm color from being overwhelming to the eye. In this case consider wooden accents or shower tiles.

2016 Summer Bathroom Color Trends

Black, White and Grey Color Trends

White is still the top choice when it comes to bathroom remodeling. What makes white so great is that it is great to mix with any style or color. Another color that is trending in popularity is grey. A grey-white combo is a huge hit, and if that feels too monotonous for you remember that both grey and white work great as an undertone for any other color. If you still aren’t convinced or find the color grey too dull, consider a neutral color combination of black and white for an elegant, stylish bathroom.

What Color Trends to Avoid?

It’s important to stay on top of bathroom design trends. One of the trendiest bathroom colors of the past few decades, beige, is on the decline this season. There are still designers who combine beige with other colors for an impressive effect, for example, you can combine beige with grey undertones for a bold, modern bathroom. However, if combined with the wrong color, beige can look dated.

Need An Expert Advice? Contact Remodel Works

With over thirty years of experience, Remodel Works is a premier kitchen and bathroom remodeling design-build company in the San Diego area. Our passionate designers are raising the bar with each remodeling project we undertake, and will help you pick the best colors for your bathroom and help you achieve a modern look while making sure you enjoy spending time in your brand new dream spa. Contact us for a free bathroom remodeling consultation, with no further obligations.



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