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Kitchen Refacing – A Cost-Effective Kitchen Redesign Option

Cabinet Refacing San Diego If you are sentimentally attached to your kitchen but realize that it is in dire need of a facelift, kitchen refacing might be the perfect solution for you. Cabinet refacing, or cabinet resurfacing, is a process of refurbishing your existing kitchen elements, saving you a considerate amount of money and keeping your kitchen the way you love it, but with a fresh look. When refacing cabinet doors experts update some damaged or aged elements like drawer fronts and cabinet doors, and the outline of your cabinets, while your existing kitchen layout remains intact.

Why choose cabinet refacing?

As long as your cabinets aren’t falling apart completely, your kitchen is eligible for the cabinet refacing San Diego process. If your cabinets are structurally intact and functional but worn out and aged, there is no need to completely replace them. If you need additional storage space, custom made cabinets can be ordered matching your newly refaced elements. You can choose from a wide variety of colors and styles, as well as materials like laminate or wood. You can also ask for new knobs, hinges, and pulls or have ones looking exactly like your old ones. Refaced kitchen cabinets are very easy to maintain due to the exceptional quality of materials used. The process is extremely fast and takes just three to five days, compared to weeks required for a full modern kitchen remodeling project.

Is it eco-friendly?

Cabinet refacing is an eco-friendly solution since it uses significantly less material than a complete redesign would. Also, since you are essentially recycling your old carpentry you won’t have to worry about having to dispose of your old furniture. You can feel proud about making a good decision for the environment every time you come in and inhale the smell of your brand new kitchen. Cabinet refacing is a great eco-friendly kitchen design solution.

How much will it cost me?

Many homeowners now choose cabinet resurfacing over a complete kitchen redesign as it saves both time and money, and helps you avoid inconveniences like demolition and reconstruction, which are sometimes necessary when your kitchen is being redesigned. The cost of refacing is significantly smaller, around half the cost of a full kitchen remodeling project. Because it is significantly less expensive you can ask for high quality materials and get the luxurious kitchen you’ve always wanted. Many homeowners hire sham companies to save money on kitchen remodeling and they end up being cheated as these companies use shortcuts like low budget and low quality materials. If you are concerned about saving money, kitchen refacing is a much better solution than employing such shady companies, as resurfaced cabinets will surely outlast the low-tier carpentry they offer.

Cabinet Refacing Services in San Diego

Our experienced kitchen designers will help you build the kitchen of your dreams. For all kitchen cabinet refacing in San Diego, contact Remodel Works for a free quote. Call us and find out why we are one of the most reputable kitchen and bathroom redesign companies in San Diego!



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