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Tips for Remodeling Your Casita

Tips for Remodeling Your Casita

“Casita” is a Spanish word that translates to “little house.” Unlike tiny houses, though, a casita is generally a small, apartment-like space that’s a part of a larger single-family home. It’s similar to a mother-in-law suite, or an attached apartment. This space is generally self-sustaining in that it has a kitchenette and is about the size of a large hotel room or studio apartment. Generally, casitas have an attached full bath and may even have a second room, although they traditionally have a very open concept layout. A casita remodel can bring a whole new set of issues in terms of matching the main house’s aesthetic. Here are a few tips for this project so that you get off on the right foot and have a final space you’ll love.

Remember to Maximize Efficiency for your Casita Remodeling Project

Your casita can function as a tiny house. You may have an aging parent or other relative living in the space, or you may host guests fairly regularly. In either case, you want the space to be inviting and provide everything a person needs. This means you need to maximize every square inch of the casita. You need to have enough storage to hold everything while also leaving the space looking open and uncluttered. Hidden storage and storage that runs floor to ceiling can certainly help, as can creating a large walk-in closet or pantry area.

You may also want to look at furniture that provides hidden extras. A sofa that converts into a bed may be a nice option if you’re using the space as a guest room, but also want to enjoy it yourself when no one is staying over. A table that expands may also be a good option for a casita. You may even want to consider installing a Murphy bed or a daybed.

Think About the Occupant

If your casita home remodel is being done to create a living space for a parent or other older person, you may need to make certain it is accessible. This means you may need to remodel the bathroom to have a walk-in shower or tub instead of a traditional tub. You may also need to install hand grips and other items that make it easier and safer for an elderly person to get around. On the other hand, if you’re renting out the space on something like AirBnB, you may want to take inspiration from hotel rooms and make the space look as inviting as possible.

Do You Want to Change the Space with a Casita Remodel?

Before you start your casita remodel, you need to decide if you want to change the physical layout of the space. You may need to look at your casita house plans to determine if you can or should move walls, enlarge the bathroom, or change up the kitchen. Just like doing a remodel on a larger space, you have to consider everything from electrical to load bearing walls before you start major renovations. However, enlarging your casita or revamping the floor plan can make a huge difference. Again, remember that you’re working on a small space, so it’s important that you make use of it efficiently. Wasted space isn’t an option with a casita.

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