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Check Out These Hot 2016 Summer DIY Trends

Is your kitchen beginning to show its age? Every homeowner dreams of a kitchen remodeling project that will turn their worn-out kitchen into the one they have been dreaming of. One with state of the art appliances, luxurious cabinets and impressive finishes. Kitchen remodeling can breathe new life into your home and do wonders for its resell value. However, not all homeowners can afford to have their kitchen remodeled as it is an expensive undertaking. Even if you work with a budget-friendly contractor like Remodel Works, all the various expenses and the time required for such a project will discourage many homeowners. But if you cannot afford a full-scale kitchen remodeling project, why not opt in for some quick DIY fixes that will make your old kitchen shine again. Check out some of these easy 2016 Summer DIY trends for your personal kitchen remodeling project.

2016 summer DIY trendsRefurbish the Cabinets

The easiest way to a brand new kitchen are new cabinets. As these elements are the most prominent, getting new cabinets will do wonders for your outdated kitchen. But even if you cannot afford brand new cabinets you could always give them a cost-effective makeover. The easiest way to do that is to reface your cabinets by repainting or refinishing the cabinet doors. Or even don’t put them back at all! The latest trend in kitchen remolding that has bloomed in San Diego is open shelving. Convert your own cabinets to open storage for a new and modern look. If you want even more of an impact, decorate the back of the cabinets with a fancy wallpaper or a fresh paintjob.

New Lighting Goes a Long Way

The other thing that can completely change the face of your kitchen is the lighting. Replacing the old fixtures with new ones can completely change how your kitchen looks. Buy a few pendant lamps and install them over the island or fit task lighting under the cabinets. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a remodeling project, adding these will shed a completely different light into the kitchen and add functionality at the same time.

Look Below

If your old flooring looks and feels worn out, maybe it’s time to change it. Instead of installing a new floor, why not borrow a sander and take care of that old hardwood? If your floor is beyond repair, consider an affordable and easily installed options like laminate or vinyl. Or, if you are a hardcore DIY expert, consider peel and stick tiles or repainting the floor, which will save you a significant amount of money and energy you would spend setting up a new floor.

Accent the Finishes

Even the smallest details can make a huge difference. Elements like pulls, knobs and handles might seem insignificant, but help improve the overall feel of the kitchen. You can visit a few home improvement stores or even some thrift stores and pick out new hardware that will fit and complement your current kitchen style.

Replace the Sink

A rusty, old sink can make the kitchen appear much older than it really is. Fortunately, replacing the sink is a simple job with proper tools. You have a variety of stainless steel or acrylic kitchen sinks to choose from, and for an extra few bucks you could even get an elegant porcelain sink. Check the instructions that come with it and you should have a shiny new sink installed in no time. This project is simple enough so that even those without DIY experience can handle it.

Budget-Tailored Kitchen Remodeling in San Diego

In case you are not that handy around the house, you could always hire a professional home improvement agency like Remodel Works. We’ve teamed up with respectful partners specializing in home remodeling in order to offer you the best quality at affordable prices. Quality Kitchen Remodeling in San Diego has never been this cheap and easy. Call us at 858-683-8596 for a free quote and an in-home consultation!



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