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Colorful Kitchens

Late 2014 and early 2015 were all about white kitchens and neutrals but as we move swiftly through 2015 the go to colors are taking a drastic turn, colorful kitchens are sweeping San Diego homes one remodel at a time. From rich royal blue to primary colors the entire color spectrum is up for grabs.



Last year we saw a lot of colorful appliances from refrigerators to stoves, home owners were playing with color through large accent pieces for a fun energy. While many appliances got a color treatment, sinks were favored in stainless steel, metallics, and white. This year they are getting their turn. Colorful sinks in playful colors that tie in the overall color scheme are being seen in kitchen remodels all over San Diego County. While muted colors have been primarily chosen, we wouldn’t be surprised if we started seeing bolder colors making an appearance later in the year.


Colorful Kitchen

While pigmented appliances are not new to San Diego kitchens, the colorful kitchens we are seeing are placing color more dominantly into the design instead of as just an accent. Rich wallpaper patterns featuring unique colors has seen a comeback in recent months as an alternative for a simple coat of paint of the ever popular backsplashes we have been seeing for the last few years. Walls are easy way to bring large amount of color into your kitchen but countertops should not be ignored as a viable option. With beautiful quartz countertops on the rise in all varieties of colors, brightly colored counters are a fun way to create a colorful kitchen remodel.



As colorful kitchens become more and more popular, manufacturers are creating versatile options for home owners with varying tastes. At Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen, we strive to meet the needs of our customers and stay on top of the latest trends which is why we provide high quality options for you to create the colorful kitchen you’ve been dreaming of.



For thirty years Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen has been working with San Diego residents to create remodels and room additions that have made their house a home. By providing our customers with high quality options from world renowned vendors, we are able to create remodels that meet their style and functionality needs and will last for years to come. For your colorful kitchen remodel, Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen is the design-build firm for the job.



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