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Contemporary San Diego Kitchen

Contemporary San Diego Kitchen

It is easy to see why this contemporary San Diego kitchen is highlighted by Remodel Works. From ceiling to floor, every part of the space blends fluidly and perfectly together to create an exquisite area for cooking, entertaining guests, and relaxing in. When hearing the word “contemporary” to describe a room, you’re mind might jump to pictures of chrome barstools, flashy countertops, metallic backsplashes, bright colors and materials, etc. Those would definitely be a few ways to create a modern space, but the design consultants at Remodel Works took a more elegant route as they created this contemporary kitchen, using stunningly unique natural materials to build a well-rounded space that typifies the modern vibe of a master kitchen.


This particular kitchen is described as contemporary for a few reasons. First, it doesn’t exactly fit into any other genre of design. It has plenty of natural materials, but isn’t country-styled or rustic. It doesn’t fit into a classical or Victorian style, nor does it emit a seaside vibe. This kitchen’s uniqueness puts it precisely on the cusp of modernity and tradition, but at Remodel Works, we believe contemporary is the perfect adjective. The main reason for this theme would be the materials used. A viewer’s gaze is directly manipulated in this job, to be drawn to the cabinets, backsplash, and countertops. The subtlest yet most extraordinary aspect to the arrangement of this contemporary San Diego kitchen is the grain of the cabinets. Lightly stained and perfectly finished with stainless steel pulls, the natural wood pattern requires a second look to fully appreciate. The square tile backsplash is the ideal transition between the cabinet space and the countertops. The dark tiling blends with the stunning granite counter, but is not too contrasting with the lighter cabinets. It is difficult to choose which part of this project is the “main attraction.” Even the appliances have a unique texture that fits in with the kitchen’s subtle color scheme. It cannot be denied that this is a masterfully designed room, and Remodel Works is proud to have serviced San Diego with such a magnificent project.



When it comes to kitchen design, Remodel Works professionals are veterans in their field. It is easy to see, from a quick tour of San Diego, that expansion and innovative ideas are becoming more and more important in an area with so much growth. Remodel Works takes inspiration from all over California, to bring it to local homes in order to create their beautiful remodeling projects. When new ideas cease to be popular, growth and improvement will cease to exist. Remodel Works isn’t looking to be around when that happens. By staying at the front on the industry and ahead of the competition, Remodel Works has been able to serve the San Diego community for over thirty years, and hasn’t run out of ideas yet. At any time of the day, designers need to be on their toes, looking for ways to create something new.


Kitchen design projects require time and money; it’s a fact. Remodeling your home is a large investment, and the Remodel Works community is motivated to make sure that every client in the San Diego area is fully onboard and informed of every project’s details. Designers work closely with clients to make sure that every step in the process is transparent and easily understood. Remodel Works is aimed at lowering project costs without sacrificing the job’s quality. The balance between correct pricing options and an ideal home addition is difficult to find for most remodeling companies, and often either the budget or the customer satisfaction goes out the window. With Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen, the client’s satisfaction and job quality are paramount, and there can never be any room for working in “grey” areas.



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