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Cooking During a Kitchen Remodel

Cooking During a Kitchen Remodel

One major question that frequently asked of those who are undergoing or thinking of undergoing a kitchen remodel is: how do we cook and what do we eat? Well, we’re here with some creative suggestions that will be sure to help you or anyone you might know get through their kitchen remodel.
Set Up a Temporary Kitchen
One of the most common ways people cope with their kitchen being out of commission during the remodel process is to set up a temporary kitchen. Use foldable tables as the new center of your meal preparations. Set your microwave, toaster oven, and anything else you may want to use on these tables. You can store your most commonly used cooking utensils in bins underneath it, while you store away your less commonly used and more delicate utensils out of harm’s way. Doing so will you give you a temporary kitchen and some space for meal prep.
Work Around the Remodeling Schedule
If your contractor/remodeling company provides you with a schedule of the work to be done, then you can plan your meals around that as well. The schedule is nice to have so you can plan out exactly how long you need to prepare meals for! Having a schedule is helpful to know how long you will have working appliances.because, for example, you may still have a working fridge for a few days into the remodel and you can keep some frozen foods for a few days.
Remodel Works Bath & Kitchen is one of the only design-build firms in San Diego to provide customers with a detailed day-to-day schedule with a breakdown of all the work to be done. Doing so gives customers insight on what to expect each day, who will be performing the work, and what time to expect them.
Meal Prep
One of the easiest ways to survive while your kitchen is being remodeled is to do some meal prep before construction begins. This is a convenient way to make easy-to-cook meals with minimal cleaning and effort. Plus, there are thousands of easy-to-prep meal recipes online you can try out. There are also pre-made meals that you can purchase from supermarkets, such as premade salads, pre-cooked chicken meals, etc.
Microwave, Toaster Oven, Crockpot, BBQ, & Camp Stove
These appliances will be your best friend during the remodel process. Plan your meals so they are easy to cook, easy to prepare, and easy to clean up. Crock pot meals will be essential during a remodel as you can place your food in the crock pot before you leave for work and it will be ready once you return.
Dine Al-Fresco
Chances are your kitchen is being remodeled during the nicer months of the year. So while your kitchen is out of use, take advantage of the nicer weather and dine al fresco. Fire up the grill for a quick and easy BBQ dinner (even if it’s just hot dogs and hamburgers).
Make Use of Your Freezer or Extra Fridge
If you have a separate freezer you use to store a lot of your frozen foods, an extra fridge in your garage, or even a beer fridge, it’s time to clean those out before the remodel and put them to good use! Doing so will allow you store a variety of foods so you’re not limited on food and cooking choices.
Ask For Help From Family & Friends
Your friends and family will be more than willing to help you with meals during your remodeling process. Whether it is having you over for dinner or dropping off prepared meals, it will be helpful in the beginning days of the remodel when you are getting used to living without a kitchen. Another option is to offer to cook for your friends and family in exchange for using their kitchen! It has the perks of spending time with good company, taking your mind off the remodel (somewhat), and cooking an actual meal! And If they are remodeling in the future, you can return the favor!
Coupons (Why Not Try A New Restaurant?)
Online coupons are a great reason to try that new restaurant in your neighborhood and are another good dining option.Although eating out every day while your kitchen remodel is in the works is not preferable (as it can be expensive and unhealthy), it will be a nice welcome break from the meals you may currently be eating.
We hope that these suggestions will help ease the stress of undergoing a kitchen remodel and you might even have fun doing it!



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