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What Does it Cost to Gut a House and Remodel It?

What Does it Cost to Gut a House and Remodel It?

It’s one thing to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, but it’s quite another to gut your entire home and remodel it. Many people would consider this a fairly extreme project, and it is. Whether you’re doing major renovations on your own home or on a property you plan on selling after you’re done, you’re going to be concerned about the bottom line. What does it cost to fully gut a house and remodel it?

There Is No Set Cost

The first thing to realize is about pricing a full gut and remodel is that there’s no real set cost. There are fairly flat costs for things like removing and building walls, running new electrical wiring, and other basic changes, but so much of a house is customizable that pricing is almost always dependent on what materials you want to use. Using higher quality materials or materials that are more difficult to find will increase the costs substantially.

What this means is that the cost of remodeling a home can be around $150 per square foot on the low end, but around $250 or more on the high end. For a home remodeled in a luxurious, higher-end look, it can be quite expensive. For example, you could spend $75,000 on creating a gorgeous spa-style master bathroom with large tub, walk-in shower, and double vanity.

A Balancing Act

Often, this means that gutting and remodeling your home is a balancing act between rooms. If you want a higher-end kitchen, for example, you may have to scale back your plans for a bathroom. If you’d like a large, costly light fixture in your entryway, you might have to go with a less expensive one in the master bedroom. Look at where you really want those luxurious touches and determine which ones are worth it and which ones you can give up.



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