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Don’t miss these 2016 Summer Kitchen Color Trends!

Kitchen remodeling projects are on the rise in San Diego area ever since the beginning of the year, and the trend is bound to expand further into summer. Homeowners are excited to see their investment return as a new kitchen can add to your home value, efficiently utilize available storage space and provide for a pleasant atmosphere. One of the most important points to consider is the color of your new kitchen. Sure you could always go with white and neutrals, but why not explore an adventurous new color scheme and make a statement. The experienced designers at Remodel Works Bath & Kitchen were kind enough to fill us in on the hottest 2016 summer kitchen color trends.

2016 Summer Kitchen Color TrendsBold Outlines

To counter the simple silver, white or black colors of most kitchen appliances, designers suggest adding a little color to the kitchen surfaces. Since kitchens often lack wall space, kitchen elements are a great canvas you can paint in order to add a bold accent. Colors such as auburn or copper are a great contrast to darker color cabinets and stainless steel appliances. For example, a great way to lighten up your kitchen is to outline the edges of your dark brown countertops with orange or red. Break the monotonous pattern with few colorful accents and you’ll have a beautiful, lively kitchen.

Use Color to Add Heat to Your Kitchen

Subtle colors are a great way to create a pleasant atmosphere in your kitchen. Warm colors like shades of red or yellow are extremely popular because they stimulate your appetite and are comforting to the eye. Consider various combinations for a maximum effect, after all that’s how the best color trends are born. Instead of using traditional rustic colors, consider something like combining country green foundations with strawberry ice outlines.

Black is Back

According to our designers predominantly black kitchens are a huge hit this summer. Black is a bold, sophisticated color and is bound to become a new standard in kitchen remodeling, much like neutral colors were huge last season. Although too much black may strike you as really dark, you should definitely consider this style for a few good reasons. First of all, it makes your kitchen thrilling. It also goes great with gold and copper, which are also a huge hit this season. It will blend in perfectly with silver or white kitchen appliances, as well as chromatic countertops. Try combining black tiles with black countertops and darker wooden cabinets for an impressive, contemporary look.

What to Avoid?

According to our designers, you should avoid commercial color combinations at all costs. Basically anything that gives off a feeling of a mediocre restaurant or a local retailer is something you should not even consider going with. Such clichés will not only make your kitchen dull, but will paint you a dull, uninventive person as well.

Looking For an Experienced Kitchen Remodeling Company in San Diego?

With 30 years of experience, Remodel Works Bath & Kitchen offers only the best service at prices every homeowner in San Diego can afford. We offer an exclusive five year warranty and promise transparent project management with no grey areas. Contact our agents to book an appointment and get a free quote on your kitchen remodeling project with no further obligations.



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