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Easy 4th of July Kitchen Decorating Ideas

With the 4th of July getting closer every day, now is a great time to start thinking about dressing up your home for the most popular American holiday. Take a close look at your home, and especially the kitchen and start putting down a shopping and a to-do list. Depending on the style of your kitchen, you could go with vintage home décor or out of the box, contemporary ornaments. In this article we will present you with some ideas you could use for your traditional 4th of July kitchen decorating ideas or project. Stick with us and you will see that dressing up your home in red, white and blue might not be as expensive as you think.

july kitchen decorating ideas

Red, White & Accessorize

If you are like most American homeowners, your kitchen color scheme is probably dominated either by white walls, white backsplashes or white cabinets. If this is the case, your job is half-way done already. All you need now are red and blue accessories to complement the white design and add a patriotic flare to your kitchen. Look around at the local flea markets and try to find things like bowls and glassware with red polka dots, canisters painted red and blue, and vintage window covers with cherry patterns.


Add red and blue dish towels, line your shelves with red fabric and decorate your jars with red or blue lids. If you have open shelves or cabinets with glass doors in the kitchen or the dining room now is the time to put your finest red, white or blue china dishes on display. All you have to do is use your imagination and the heart of your home will be Independence Day ready before you know it.

Dine With Patriotic Flare

As we’ve just shown you, a white kitchen is easier to decorate than you might have thought. The same goes for your dining room: a white dining room is ideal as you can easily remodel it for a pleasant dinner with your family in the spirit of Uncle Sam. Red, white and blue table accessories like napkin rings, plates or cutlery will give your 4th July lunch just the feeling you are going for.


Furthermore, consider dressing up your table in vintage plaid linen. Decorate your dining table with homemade vases and candles. You can even employ the whole family to wrap your old vases and candle-holders in red, white and blue decorative paper as a fun, 4th of July family art project that will get you in the mood for the celebration. Another good idea for the centerpiece is displaying blue glassware you can further decorate with red flowers. If you want to go up another notch, for an extra dose of rustic feel purchase a few vintage lanterns and paint them in the colors of the Flag for an impressive, retro centerpiece.


You don’t have to stick to accessories too, you can add to the patriotic feel of your 4th of July dinner with colorful dishes served in your red, white or blue. Some of the recipes you could easily cook up include a fruit salad made out of strawberries and blueberries and topped with whipped cream; red, white and blue cocktails, or a colorful pie. Challenge yourself by creating these amazing, American-themed dishes your guests are sure to enjoy!

Happy 4th of July from Remodel Works!

Founded on traditional American values more than three decades ago, Remodel Works values our customers and does not settle for anything short of perfection and complete customer satisfaction. As an experienced kitchen and bathroom remodeling company, Remodel Works is among the favorite home improvement contractors in San Diego Area. Contact us at 858-771-0346 for a free quote, and find out just what sets us apart from the competition.



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