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Kitchen Backsplash Trends & Styles for a Matchless Kitchen

This year has already brought us some amazing kitchen remodeling trends. If you were planning on giving your kitchen a fresh, new look now is the perfect time. Some of these trends have already established themselves as instant classics, while others are gaining traction. One of our top trends is backsplash transformations. Backsplashes can create a stunning focal point of the kitchen  Our design team have compiled a list of their hottest 2016 kitchen tile backsplash ideas and trends that are taking San Diego by storm.

Black and White

If you are not too fond of experimenting with colorful kitchen backsplash tile ideas you could always go with the traditional black and white backsplash pattern. While this color combination is considered traditionalit is the perfect combination with modern kitchen cabinets for a contemporary look. And while all white kitchens are immensely popular with homeowners, black is catching up too. An all-black backsplash with great tiles will give your kitchen a bold, elegant look and can be combined with any style.

Shades of Grey

One of the most popular neutral kitchen backsplash ideas this year is using grey. While grey was used for cabinets for its neutral tone up until now, it is catching up as the preferred backsplash color as well. Because of its neutral nature grey can be used with almost any color and style, and goes extremely well with ever-popular stainless steel surfaces.

Subway Tiles

One backsplash style that will never go out of fashion is the subway tile. It is the most common choice for the kitchen backsplash according to our designers. Its ability to work with both modern and traditional style and any color makes choosing the subway tile as your backsplash a no-brainer. The best thing about the subway tile backsplash is that it is one of the least expensive and still very attractive options.

2016 kitchen backsplash trends

Simple Paint

The latest trend in kitchen backsplashes is not to use backsplashes at all. Our designers report that homeowners are less inclined to use tiles or other materials and are turning to basic paint for the backsplash. However, what makes this type of backsplash interesting is that it doesn’t match the colors of the kitchen walls, but is an accented middle area that draws the eye. For example, consider painting your walls a lighter shade of grey and the backsplash matte black for a bold, contemporary look.

Chalkboard Backsplash

One of the most adventurous and fun backsplash ideas that homeowners are going crazy for is using chalkboard material. This revolutionary trend boasts both style and function. If you’re looking for an easy to clean backsplash for kitchen, chalkboard material is the choice for you. In addition, the matte-black color will add refinement to your kitchen. We love the creativity chalkboard backsplashes bring. It’s the perfect spot to write notes and recipes and we’re sure the kids will love doodling on it too. And if you are artistically inclined you could even draw something on the board and change the ornamentation every once in awhile.

Expert Kitchen Remodeling in San Diego

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