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Need Extra Space in Your Poway Home? Consider Room Addition!

Room Additions San Diego - Spacious BedroomEvery home, no matter how much you cherish it, can at one point become too small for a family. Fortunately, there’s no reason to move out and leave all the good memories behind if you just need some extra space for you and your family. Room addition is one of the great alternatives to relocating for homeowners who love their neighborhood and their family home. Whether you need extra room for your kids, a room for a home office, or just a bigger bathroom, room addition is the best solution to the problem you will realize was not so big after all. If the zoning and land law allows it you are already halfway done! Consult our agents at Remodel Works for any questions you might have about room additions in San Diego.

Types of room additions and which one is the right for you?

The first thing to ask yourself is how much additional space you actually need. It mostly depends on your needs and your activities. For example, you could add a little extra space to your living room and make a home theater for the whole family to enjoy.  When you determine how much space you need you can proceed and choose between several room addition options.

Bump-out addition

Sometimes, you might need only about 5 or 6 extra feet in a single direction. If this is the case a “bump out” might be the most suitable option for your room addition project. If the neighboring room is wide enough you can just attach the hanging room. This type of room addition allows for a considerable amount of extra space, whether you want to extend your kitchen, or add a large corner bathtub to your bathroom.

One Room Addition

A single room addition is the next step on the scale. Adding an average sized room of around 120 square feet might just be enough for that living room you’ve wanted ever since your family got a new member. The cost of this type of addition is calculated by square foot. Be mindful though, room additions can be a bit more expensive if there are additional expenses for any additional plumbing and electrical installations this project might require, if you are adding a new bathroom for example. The most common additions of this type are used for an additional bedroom or a home office.

Two-Floor Room Addition

If your home is really narrow you might consider a two-floor room addition as your best option. The most common practice for this type of addition is to attach the two story room to the house, which means that you’d only need to extend the hallway in order to be able to reach the new rooms. These two floor rooms can be completely detached from your house, ideal for guests, in-laws and for renting.

Second floor addition

Maybe the best option on this list is to go up instead. Adding a second story can be used from adding a single room to a few additional rooms, depending on how much additional space you need. This is a great option for homes with small yards and ones in the old neighborhoods, so that your family can grow rather than move out of the place you have so many fond memories of. Adding an additional story will not only increase your home value, but can vastly improve your life quality.

Room Additions in Poway, CA

If you are considering adding some extra space to your family home, contact Remodel Works, the leading company in room additions in San Diego. Our friendly agents will book your free consultation with our architects and you will receive a free quote, with no further obligations! We serve all cities across San Diego County: Poway, Chula Vista, El Cajon and many others.



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