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Your Guide to Closet Organization, Part 1

Fast paced life can often result in a cluttered closet you have no idea where to begin cleaning. Piling up old, worn out clothes and shoes and constantly buying new ones will turn into a nightmare once closet organization gets in your schedule. Or maybe you’ve just gotten a brand new, custom closet that you have to start filling. Fortunately we have some advice on how to make this experience less painful and more productive.

Start from Scratch

The easiest way to begin is to empty out your entire closet. Find a place where you’d move the contents of your closet, like the bed or a cleaned part of the floor. When we say the entire closet, we mean everything. Remove all the hangers, boxes, dusty magazines and whatever else you might be keeping in the closet that you might have completely forgotten about. Try to put all your clothes on display so you can see what you are dealing with, for example by using a clothing rack. In order to make this process less painful you can put on your favorite playlist or get a family member or a friend to help you out and have someone to chat with.

Sort Everything Out

Get a lot of boxes or any type of containers and start categorizing and taking inventory. If you don’t have any boxes you can even make separate piles, but use labels so that you can keep track easier. There are a few ways to categorize the clothes. You could go with labeling your clothes depending on how often you wear them and whether you want to keep them or throw them out. If not, you could start categorizing items by type, like tops, sweaters, undies, shoes etc. Be sure to keep track of the smaller items like jewelry, so that they don’t get misplaced during the process. A good way to find anything you might need later is to label the boxes, shelves and other containers as you put everything back.

Weed Out the Unwanted Items

The biggest challenge you will have to face when rearranging your closet is deciding which items you keep, and which ones you say goodbye to. If it helps, set up some ground rules as to which items you will no longer need. Set some guidelines like how old something is, how washed out the color is, does it still fit you or how often you actually wear it. Once you weed out the unwanted items you can decide whether you want to throw them out, donate them to charity, try to sell them at a yard sale or online, or offer them to a second-hand shop. If you don’t like any of these options, maybe you could get a couple of friends or relatives over and see if any of these clothes would fit them and give them to someone closer to you.

Clean the Actual Closet

While you are sorting out the clothes you might want to consider cleaning the actual closet. Since this is a unique opportunity to find it completely empty, you might want to wipe the walls, mop the floor and vacuum the entire thing. You might find a lot of junk like labels, receipts or change when you empty it out. If your closet is old and worn out maybe you could consider painting it, breathing new life into it. In this case make sure to use mold-resistant paint, so you don’t risk damage to your precious wardrobe.

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