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Have You Ever Thought About A Green Home Design?

green home designHome remodeling trends are different and change year to year. The concept of being green and using green designs is becoming more apparent in kitchen, bathroom and home remodeling today. Green home design is gaining more acceptance and acknowledgement, and sustainability is an important factor to consider when evaluating and elevating your current home. Are you ready to make green changes to your home? In honor of Earth Day April 22, we have put together a few sustainable, green suggestions to consider in your remodel.
Water Efficient Kitchen Fixtures and Bathroom Fixtures
In California, water conservation is an important issue. People are searching for ways to lower overall water consumption, as well as, lower corresponding water bills. Although not a new trend, people still need to recognize the need for water efficiency. Almost every manufacturer today has water efficient product lines— which in turn influences building, remodeling and decorating projects. When you are remodeling look for some of these water efficient fixtures:
• Water-Saving Showerheads
• Water Efficient Bathroom Faucets
• Water Saving Toilets
• Water Efficient Kitchen Faucets
• Water Filtration Faucets and Other Water Filters
• Smart Sprinkler Systems
green home designLED Lighting
LED lighting is a top green trend, and based on energy experts’ forecasts; it will remain trendy into 2017 and beyond. LED lighting offers consumers an opportunity to increase energy efficiency and reduce their energy bills. The downside is that the upfront installation costs can be higher for LED lighting. However, the clear consensus is that the long-term energy cost and energy savings is important and justifies the upfront cost.
Sustainable Flooring
Earth-Friendly Tile – there are a large range of possible applications for tile, both inside and outside the home. Whether you use tile for flooring or other purposes, you will enjoy having a range of on-trend and earth friendly options available.
Hardwood Flooring – while hardwood flooring is always classic, reclaimed wood flooring is a particularly eco-friendly solution that is on-trend at the moment. In the UK, USA, and Canada there is a steadily growing interest in, and demand for reclaimed wood flooring materials. Reclaimed flooring is not only sustainable; it also offers the homeowner unique character and charm.



green home design
Organic Textiles and Sustainable Building Materials
Consumers are increasingly shopping for low-impact materials to use when remodeling, building, and decorating their homes. In addition, they are becoming more conscious of the toxic nature of many building and decorating materials that have been popular in decades past — and looking to reduce the overall toxicity levels that their families are subjected to daily. The results of consumers being conscious of toxicity, there is a growing demand for organic textiles, natural fabrications, and sustainable building materials.
Adding green designs to your remodeling project is not only on trend; it will save you money, plus reduce your carbon footprint on the planet.  Remodel Works Bath & Kitchen offers green and sustainable solutions to make your home environmentally friendly. Contact us to get started on your dream green home! We can get your green home started today!



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