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Home Office Remodeling

Home Office Remodeling

If you’re thinking about remodeling your home office, you first have to sit down and come up with a design and layout. While the layout is an important part of every room, it’s especially important in your home office. You want to make certain space is designed in such a way that you can work effectively and efficiently. Everything should be laid out to be conducive to your work. This means your home office layout may not necessarily be the same as someone else’s if the two of you are in different industries or have different work styles.

Leave Yourself Space

Don’t overcrowd your home office. You want to be sure the layout gives you enough space to comfortably sit behind your desk, walk around any workspace you may have, and be able to reach all of your equipment, tools, and other items. If you don’t necessarily need an extra table in your office, don’t put one in just because you have it. That will only crowd the space and make it look smaller.

Where Are the Outlets?

Most people who have a home office have a computer, printer, and other electronic devices. All of these devices need access to a power outlet. If your room only has one or two outlets, part of the remodel may include hiring an electrician to install a few more. Doing so will give you the freedom to put your desk just about anywhere without trailing power cords across the room.

Lighting Is Important

Layout is more than just deciding where your furniture is going to go. You have to take into consideration factors such as lighting. If there’s a window behind your desk, is the light going to come in and shine on your computer monitor, making it difficult to see? Do you want to primarily use your overhead lights, or would you like to work by the softer light from a lamp? Determining what your light sources are, where they’re located, and how the light will affect your workspace is just as important as deciding where you’re putting the furniture.

These are just a few tips for laying out your home office that you may not have taken into account. The key part of any home office remodel is to lay everything out so it’s easier to work, and taking into account outlets, lighting, and space will help you do that.



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