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IPT Sink Company

IPT Sink Company

IPT Sink Company offers an array of kitchen and bathroom accessories that Remodel Works utilizes in many local projects. Out of Kennesaw, Georgia IPT is privately held and services fabricators all across the US. IPT is a strong supporter of the Stone Fabricator Association and offers a 100% refund if a customer is not satisfied after 72 hours of receipt.

The partnership between Remodel Works and IPT Sinks has benefited both companies significantly over the years and allowed for an expansion in remodeling options and product lines for Remodel Works’ use. The process of installing IPT Sink Company’s products is like any job that Remodel Works completes. The exact same steps are taken and every detail is always triple-checked to ensure that no subtleties are overlooked. Remodel Works begins by teaming up design consultants and salespeople with the client to solidify the blueprints of the project and choose every accessory and material. Next, every product is shipped to the Remodel Works warehouse and prepared to arrive at the client’s home. Once the installation process has been fully scheduled and is congruent with the timetable of the client, the Remodel Works team can begin its work. Once the project is finished, with minimal effect on the rest of the client’s home, the installers make sure that everything is pristine and working correctly before leaving the job site. By sticking with a simple and efficient routine, Remodel Works has serviced the San Diego community successfully for years.

Variety is the defining feature of the relationship between IPT Sink Company and Remodel Works. IPT offers hundreds of styles and material including round bowl sinks, farmhouse style, double bowls, under mount sinks, large drop-in style, Copper and ceramic sinks, and even kitchen and bathroom faucets.

Sustainability and a true respect for the environment is an attribute that Remodel Works looks for in every one of its vendors. This is why IPT Sink Company makes an ideal partner company. Although Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen has a high standard when it comes to protecting the environment, IPT Sink Company maintains this standard by using recycled materials for many of its custom products. Whether copper or stainless steel, any product will be guaranteed to be the highest quality in the US market.

Remodel Works partners with many kitchen and bathroom appliance companies in order to give clients as much variety in pricing, products, and materials as possible. By making sure that their entire staff is fully educated on a vendors and products, Remodel Works can answer any and all questions that potential or current clients may have. Variety creates more opportunity, which often leads to more creative and innovative designs. Although Remodel Works is benefited immensely from the variety of vendors that it works with, each vendor has unique and distinguishing services. Remodel Works does not want to gain vendors simply to align themselves with famous brands; there is nothing superficial about the company’s corporate relationship.
Top craftsmanship and consistency have kept IPT on top of the kitchen and bathroom appliance market for years, making them a perfect vendor for Remodel Works and the San Diego community.



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