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High Tech Kitchen Design Ideas: Cabinets & Drawers

echnology has been integrated into almost every part of your home. From smart TVs you can control with a wave of a hand, to touchless toilets saving you from exposure to germs, to almost every device of your home being interconnected either via Bluetooth or an IoT device. IoT (Internet of Things) is changing how our homes function and impacting home design trends. While the options are endless (bluetooth crock pots are now an option), in this post we’re focused on technology advances and futuristic kitchen ideas around cabinets and drawers.

Kitchen Cabinet and Drawer TechnologyPicture drawers and cabinets that open at your command, revealing just the appliances and ingredients you need. Imagine not ever having to scrub those tedious fingerprints that stick on your otherwise flawless glass or woodwork. Imagine a fridge displaying the information for all the groceries stored within. Or a countertop with a fully functional display and tablet device functionality. If you are planning on remodeling your kitchen, consider implementing some of these high tech kitchen cabinets and technologies.

This new way of operating your kitchen cabinets allows for an unprecedented variety of functionality. Gone are the days of swinging cabinet doors hung on a hinge, the latest kitchen cabinet design opens vertically with a quiet, precise motion, hiding the cabinet doors from sight until they are closed again. Beautifully designed cabinets conceal your appliances, leaving the artfully crafted woodwork and ornamentation in the spotlight. The oven cabinets are equipped with temperature sensors, refusing to close if they sense the oven is still on or too warm.

Controlling Your Future Kitchen Cabinets

A wireless touchscreen display will help you easily program your kitchen. You can do things like program sequences so that when you say “baking” only the drawers containing the needed ingredients and the oven will open. There’s also an option to close all drawers and cabinets as you exit the kitchen. Further, it can conceal the oven once it has cooled down. This smart system can even be connected to the lighting, giving you an incredible, streamlined experience. There’s also a biometric sensor so that you can hide dangerous or sharp object from your kids, never having to worry about them wanting to play with knives again. You will also never have to memorize difficult access codes again as everything you need to access the system will be literally on the tip of your finger.

While we’re still far away from dish-washing robots or self-preparing meals, this development in drawer and kitchen cabinet technology will surely revolutionize the way we use the kitchen.

Moving With The Times

Remodel Works’ key to success is that we do not run from innovations in home design, we embrace them. Our open-minded designers will help realize the kitchen of your dreams, equipped with new kitchen cabinet designs and drawer technology. Make your kitchen remodeling project count and breathe life into your new kitchen.

Contact us for a free consultation and start updating your kitchen today!



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