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How to Get Started Transforming Your Garage into a Man Cave

There’s a huge chance you’ve seen Batman v Superman by now, and even if you haven’t you probably remember Batman’s base of operations from one of the previous installments. We’re talking about the Batcave, where he keeps all his cool gadgets and vehicles away from prying eyes. Naturally, you probably lack billions and billions of dollars needed to afford the toys Batman has, but you can surely afford a down-to-earth version of his lair: the man cave garage. Since the latest installment of the movie franchise, a lot of people have asked us what it would take to have their old garage turned into a refuge for their buddies to enjoy a couple of beers while watching a game of football, playing a game of poker or just chilling out and binge-watching a cool new TV show. This garage into man cave transformation takes time and patience, making it a project that should be carefully planned before jumping right into it. So how do you turn your garage into a man cave exactly? Before starting to build the ultimate man cave, there are a few things to consider.
Cleaning Out The Garage
Before you begin your garage to man cave project, you have to clean it out. Mind you, even Batman had to clean the cave under his manor before he built his lair. There’s a huge chance you might have a lot of junk in your garage you never had the heart to throw out, but never had any use for either. You might find spare parts, broken appliances, old toys, worn out clothes, etc. You have to decide whether you want to sell all that stuff or just throw it out. However, if you find your old comics, toys, vinyls or similar memorabilia buried under layers of dust, you might want to keep those, as they might come useful when you start decorating.
Devise A Plan
The most important step is to plan out your man cave. You need to see whether the space you currently have at your disposal will be enough, or if you might have to employ an agency which specializes in room additions in order to get the extra space you need to turn your garage into man cave. You have to decide whether you want to invest some money and adapt your garage into a pleasant living space, or if you want to limit your budget and work with minimal investment. Feel free to contact our designers and get a free quote for this project.
Flooring & Insulation
If you plan on spending your winters in your garage turned man cave, you have to think about the best ways to keep your garage warm. There’s a great chance that your garage walls aren’t insulated, in which case it is best to hire a professional agency to help you out. And while you are at it, you might have to consider redoing your floors. Nobody wants to stand on cold concrete, which is why you have to insulate the floors as well or at least add enough rugs to keep your feet warm.
Paint It
Additionally, a common garage usually lacks paint and nobody likes grey, lifeless walls. However, be aware that it is going to take a lot of effort if you plan on painting the room by yourself. If you don’t want to hire a remodeling agency, think about getting a few best friends to help you out over a couple of beers. After all, there’s a high chance they will be spending their free time there.
The Final Touch
What makes the man cave different from any other rooms is the personal touch. Those old comics and vinyls we mentioned might come in handy, as you can frame the covers for a great wall decor. Consider the entertainment as well: do you want to get a gaming console or a multipurpose poker/pool table. Think about getting a small fridge to cool your drinks so you won’t have to run to the kitchen every time someone needs a refill. The best thing when you get to this point is just to let your imagination run wild!



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