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Master Bathroom Addition

Master Bathroom Addition

Your master suite is your retreat, your sanctuary where you can escape the rest of the world. But what if you don’t have a true master suite in your home? You don’t have to move—instead, you can add on a master bathroom! This type of addition may sound expensive at first, but it’s actually not as pricy as you may think. There are a couple of ways you can keep the cost reasonable while still creating the master suite you want.

Use Existing Space

The first thing you can do to save a good amount of money on a master bathroom addition is to not actually do a full addition. Instead of building a new space, look at your home’s floorplan. Is there another bedroom or other space next to your master bedroom that you could remodel into a new bathroom? Often, the cost of adding plumbing and adding some additional walls can be more affordable than building a new bathroom.

Understand the Rules

If you do need to build a new addition, make certain you understand what your local city ordinances say about building on to your home. Some cities require a new addition to perfectly match the rest of your home’s exterior. You may also need to take into account the location of any buried utility cables or pipes. If you build an addition but don’t get the right permits or follow the rules, you could be fined or, worse, be required to tear down everything you just built.

Don’t Go with All High-End Materials

You may think you need to go with a very expensive marble counter and glass tiles to make your bathroom look amazing, but that’s not the case. Instead of looking at expensive materials, look at how you can use more affordable materials in different ways. Doing a herringbone pattern with standard subway tile, for example, can create a very different look without costing that much extra.

How to Get Started with your Master Bathroom Addition

Adding on a master bathroom can change how your home functions in the morning, and you’ll see a return on the cost if you ever sell the home. Just keep in mind what you truly need and make sure you follow all of the ordinances governing additions.



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