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Master Suite Additions: The Features You Need To Have!

Adding a master suite is not like any other remodeling project. The master suite is your dream-room, your private castle. However, if you want the perfect master suite you might just have to show the depth of your pockets. There will be things you’d have to give up on and quite a few compromises to be made. But don’t despair, with an experienced home remodeling and room addition agency you can still save money and get the master suite you’ve always wanted. If you are seriously considering such a project here are some of the most important features all master suite additions need to have, according to our experienced designers.

The Ideal Layout

The most important aspect of a master suite is that it has to provide privacy. You need to make sure that your master suite is a safe harbor where you can hide from life and all of its burdens, at least for a while. You need to think about the best solutions to soundproof the room, keeping the noises from the rest of the house away. Next, you have to think about the view. Allow for light to come in through large, panoramic windows. Apart from having the benefits of natural lighting you will be able to enjoy the view every morning when you wake up or watch the sunset from the comfort of your bed.

Private Area

Whether you prefer reading a book or watching a movie in your free time, consider adding a separate section to your master suite, where you can just lay back in a comfy chair and enjoy your favorite pastime. Why not install a classy fireplace to add to the style of your master suite. You can even add a balcony if there’s room for one, so you can enjoy your first coffee in the morning while grabbing a breath of fresh air.

Walk-In Closet

Determine the size of your walk-in closet depending on whether you plan on sharing it with your better half or keeping it all to yourself. Keep in mind that you need to have enough room for all your clothes and for additional details like a dressing chair. Install smart storage solutions and thought out compartments so that your wardrobe is easily accessible.

Luxurious Bathroom

When planning out a bathroom for your master suite make sure it’s the ultimate bathroom that will not only have functionality but will also provide comfort. This is why a large shower is a must. Add a bench and sprays at different levels so that you can enjoy a relaxing bath and a massage, all in one. A neat feature to include is floor heating, so your feet don’t freeze right after a relaxing shower.

If you are the type that enjoys long, soothing baths you might want to include a soaking tub with water jets, but bear in mind that it takes up a lot of space, uses significantly more water that a regular tub or a shower, and costs significantly more as well.

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