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Modern Kitchen Remodel Guide

Modern Kitchen Remodel Guide

How to Remodel Your Kitchen with a Mid-Century Modern Design


No matter the size of your kitchen, there’s always room for improvement. A modern kitchen remodel can give your whole house a modern look and even increase its sales price. Many people think that kitchen renovation is expensive, however with the right planning, you can give your kitchen a new life for cheaper than you think!

Choosing the Mid-Century Style


You may think it’s strange, but one style that has become popular in the digital age is the mid-century style with a modern twist. The mid-century modern design is a style highlighted by flat front kitchen cabinets, retro hardware, and splashes of bright accent color. Luckily, flat front cabinets can be found for pretty cheap at yard sales, and if you’re into DIY, they can be made pretty easily as well. Many mid-century modern kitchen designs also utilize cabinets with windows to give your kitchen design a cozy but open feeling as well.

Besides flat faced cabinets, the mid-century design uses the color white to its advantage. White can give your kitchen an overall cleaner look as well as making it appear more spacious, but it also has another advantage. Many kitchens going for mid-century modern use white in conjunction with powerful and vivid colors for juxtaposition such as ones used in a backsplash. A popular way to go about this is to use white as a base color for things like floors and countertops and then use a color like cyan or yellow for tile splashes, appliances, and cabinets.

Proper Lighting is An Absolute Must


Like any other room, lighting in a kitchen is very important to set the tone and mood of a room. For kitchens, lighting is actually one of the most important aspects to think about when going modern. You wouldn’t want to cook in a kitchen with poor lighting after all. Fortunately, mid-century modern makes use of lots of pendant lights to brighten everything up. They are most typically used to shed some light on the sink, but you can get creative with them. What makes pendant lights so popular is their versatility and rustic design. They’ll look good wherever you put them.

Lastly, no kitchen is complete without nice countertops. Many people trying to go for mid-century modern like to invest in nice quartz countertops. The good thing about quartz is they come in a lot of different shades of white and gray. It’ll be easy to design a kitchen around them, and it’s actually recommended that you do. Quartz countertops will give you a good starting place as you decide the direction you’ll take during remodeling. They also help break up other flat white areas in your kitchen as they often have subtle patterns. and kitchen decor.

For more kitchen remodel ideas, contact us today to get your modern design out of your dreams and into your home!



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