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Modern Vista Bathroom

Modern Vista Bathroom


When working in tight spaces, it is absolutely crucial to optimize space efficiently. Bathrooms are tricky for designers and remodelers because of their compact nature, but the team at Remodel Works is proud to say that we excel at projects like this modern Vista bathroom. It is not hard to tell that spacing and arrangement was the key component to this space. The narrow entrance passes a grand double sink and closet, to finished at the bathtub and window. When you lay out all of the materials, appliances, and accessories in this modern Vista bathroom, it may seem like a significant amount of items in a confined space. However, the design techniques and method that Remodel Works employed to organize this bathroom allow for plenty of open space, and efficient use of every available inch. The Elongated sinks and cabinets allow for an elegant double sink, without compromising too much walking room. Additionally, a side closet allows for plenty of storage, making extra cabinets unnecessary. The grand sunken tub and shower space is open and relaxing, without intruding into the remaining open space. It is interesting to see that the designers for this project utilized natural light and mirrors to open this room up, and give the illusion of the bathroom being much larger that it actually is. This modern Vista bathroom uses simple, yet elegant materials and color schemes to create a brilliant and welcoming aura.


Every Remodel Works employee is aware of the time and effort that goes into a bathroom remodel, and this type of workload can be stressful for a customer whose home is under construction. Relieving clients of stress and maintaining a personal relationship with every customer is the highest priority of Remodel Works. Developing these types of bonds comes down to one concept: Job Control. Remodel Works has an expert team prepared for every aspect of a project, and this enables them to take on every challenge of a bathroom remodel so that a customer experiences as little stress as possible. Smaller companies and private contractors lack the personnel and job control that a company like Remodel Works specializes in. On the opposite hand, massive remodeling companies can’t match the personal experience that Remodel Works employees always offer. Clients that come to Remodel Works are guaranteed a hassle-free process that is scheduled and planned out from start to finish before and construction or demolition begins. There are strict standard operating procedures as well as flexibility to adapt to any unseen changes in bathroom remodeling plans. The Remodel Works method is tried and true, and leaves customers satisfied and stress-free.



Working on bathrooms like this space in Vista means that Remodel Works is accountable for the sustainability of every project it completes in the area. Environmental consciousness is an expectation when it comes to improving homes. Because of the current crisis in the SoCal area with continued drought, Remodel Works is completely committed to a professional approach to Vista bathroom designs. From plumbing, to lighting, to the materials used, the Remodel Works design and installation process is devoted to a “green” mentality. Saving energy, resources, and ultimately money, is crucial for a satisfied client. Water retention, economical lighting, and efficient heating are ways to save money and resources without cutting corners. Any remodeling and design company that is not up to date on sustainable practices is behind the times. Leading the industry in modern installations and design practices is the way that Remodel Works, and an ethical approach to services clients in Vista is a company standard. The tagline, “No grey areas” applies to the sustainable approach that Remodel Works designers complete their work, and every customer should expect such treatment.



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