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Partying in Your Kitchen

Kitchen is the heart of the home, where great dishes are created, where your family gathers, where guests get together, and where the party gets started. These interactions happen when partying in your kitchen. So what do you need? Well besides people, food and drinks hopefully a nice big kitchen with a gathering point like an island or a peninsula to hangout at while partying in your kitchen.

 Party in Your Kitchen

A few key things you need for successful partying in your kitchen should start with the proper planning:


  • Choose a theme and stick to it.
  • Decide on the different food items you will be serving and how?
  • What will you provide for refreshments?
  • Can your kitchen handle food storage and company?
  • Set a focal point table for all the goodies.
  • And if you need help, ask!


Choosing a theme can be difficult, but there is no reason to stress and make it harder than it needs to be. Choose a theme related to the reason to for the party, if it is related to a holiday or it is a celebration for a graduation or birthday? The decorating should be fairly stress-free if you have a purpose for the party. Sticking to your theme is important so your party is cohesive and all in all a great success. Some themes make choosing foods and drinks easy for example, Mardi Gras you can use beads in the colors purple green and gold and food like gumbo, fried shrimp and food in these colors. Exciting themes and great foods are sure to bring the party to your kitchen.


Party In Your Kitchen

Your best friend for successful partying in your kitchen is your kitchen.  If you have an island or peninsula in your kitchen this would be a great place to display your appetizers. Not only is it a great place for the food and drinks, but it can also serve great gathering point for your guests. The bigger the island the better the party in the kitchen more space for people and food. Kitchens are meant to be fun meant to be used and party’s are meant to bring people together.


Any excuse for a party is our motto, partying in your kitchen should be fun and should happen often. If you don’t have a theme just make some great food and have a nice wine to craft beer to pair it with. The kitchen is the space to entertain family friends and even just yourself. Something fun and grand always happens in the kitchen a simple dinner or grand celebration always starts in the kitchen. Just remember a theme makes party’s fun and great meal keeps everyone happy and a refreshing drink relaxes the soul. For your next gathering set the food on the table turn the music on and have everyone over for a nice time in your kitchen.Partying in Your Kitchen


The kitchen is a wonderful space it brings people together with great food, great drinks and great friends; there is no reason why you shouldn’t have a good time partying in your kitchen!



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